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 packington somers open 23/02/13

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packington somers open 23/02/13 Empty
PostSubject: packington somers open 23/02/13   packington somers open 23/02/13 EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 9:39 pm

before i start i must say a big sorry as i have no pictures due to the fact that i can't find my usb cable for my phone! Rolling Eyes come back john all's forgiven lol!

anyway we arrived at the packington somers lodge about 8:30am on what must have been the coldest day of the decade!!!!! after picking up the fisheries keepnets we drove around a very large geary's pool and arrived at the thirty peg little geary's pool which we had to our selves ( no other daft buggers wanted it in this weather Rolling Eyes ) tony and dave pegged out the pegs that had been fishing well the week before which turned out to be 6 pegs either side of the island. i drew peg 4 and had gordon to my left and micky to my right. pool looked in good nick and i saw a few fish topping at the tip of the island where mr mobbs was pegged. because of the cold i decided to sit on the pellet feeder cast close to the island, sod the pole that stayed in my bag. i still had high hopes as i blew the whistle. after about an hour the first bank walker came along , alf was trying to get some feelings back in his feet. when he came back from his walk news was not good, only tony kibble had caught, this was turning into a shocker! about half way through the match micky landed a small carp and i had heard that neil had caught a few bits, thats better news. as i sat there biteless i thought to my self i hope someone else catches because we had 4 prizes to be won from the pools money. if only 3 caught that would mean 9 of us would have to split a tenner, less than a quid each lol! big pete was his normal self. i had micky and gordon either side and never heard a word from em but i could see smoke form pete's fags rising from behind the island he must

have been 50 yards away with an island between us but i could still hear every bloody word he was saying scratch lol! not sure if dave gordon could get a word in talking to him self as he was pegged next to big pete lol! anyway with the match due to end at 3pm a few snow flakes started to fall about 2:30 thats enough i thought to myself i could have fished all night and not got a single bite! as it turned out four lads did catch thank god ,with mr kibble coming out on top with a mighty 2lb 7oz with a couple of f1's well done tony, neil sneaked into second place with wait for it............9oz of sprats Rolling Eyes micky third with one f1 that weighed 8 oz and the other mr kibble andrew coming 4th with 2oz of tiny roach. well thats 3 different winners of the winter league matches and it is very close with just the match on bens pool at lavender hall to come on the 23rd march. as 9 of us caught bugger all we all only picked up 5 points Rolling Eyes well done the 12 brave souls that fished through cold to complete the five hour match, bugger all caught but thats fishing for you. see you all at lavender next month Very Happy
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packington somers open 23/02/13
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