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 1st bye 18/4/15 at highley's farm

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PostSubject: 1st bye 18/4/15 at highley's farm   Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:32 pm

well here we go again folks it's 2015 and the start of a new year for the club.with 3 new members we kicked off the first match of the new season at highley's farm. after setting up and once we were all ready to go we dropped tools stood with heads bowed in a minutes silence to show respect to john cummins who passed away 3 weeks ago. john will never be forgoten and will always be our 21st member, we all miss you john. draw done and i found myself on the other side of the pool, bloody typical didn't bring my trolley and been suffering with flu all week thats all i needed  Rolling Eyes anyway things got worse i was pegged next to peter (warbutons super bread) mcalinden lol! only joking to be fair to the big fella he did catch a few fish didn't stop his chronic flatulence though ! scratch to my right i had gordon and the poole boys. we welcomed new members jim langston and colin hewitt on the day the other lad conky done his back in so he still needs to make his per normal the highley's fishery water was alive with fish with carp cruising in all pegs.windy millar i mean big pete was in action from the off with the carp taking a liking to his thick sliced double deckers Rolling Eyes anyone to pete's right never had to feed anything all day as the constant flow of thick sliced bread was enough to feed every fish in windermere! Rolling Eyes
there was a breeze on the water but with the sun out it was a pleasant enough day. no idea who was going to win as most pegs were producing.
anyway pictures time. below we find colin horner at the weigh in with pete and yours truely

and observed by new man jim

now look at this stuart caught some fish lol!  well done stuart i new you had it in you mate lol!

a cold looking paul davis  didn't do quite a s well as his dad but im sure his time will come.

tony had a strangley quiet day but he'll be there or there abouts at the end.

me and coilin observe the outcome of the weigh in

all goes to show we have some ugly buggers in our club !!!!!!!!!! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

stu and pete get very close ! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

thumbs up from top man on the day big bad micky, well done mate.

dave .g shows the stress of dragging out all them carp lol!

pete and gordon do a great job again on the scales, well done fella's we all love ya!  lol!

the club committee sort out lifes problems Rolling Eyes lol!

stan takes a keen interest in the weigh in

introducing our new member jim langston, welcome mate.

well i had high hopes this lad this year, what happend neil ??????????????????????????????? scratch lol!
never mind mate thats ya bad un out of the way.

big pete at the scales

feel like a school teacher looking after this lot lol!

gordons turn at the scales

big pete talks tactics with the poole boys before the off Rolling Eyes lol!

well thats it boys we are off and running again , the club would like to say thank you to new boys jim, colin and conkey for joining us and im sure you will all have fun this coming year. see you all at blythe waters next month, jim have a great holiday mate and we will see you at larford.
thanks john/mark for all the pics  Very Happy
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1st bye 18/4/15 at highley's farm
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