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 1st bye highley's farm, 26/4/14

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PostSubject: 1st bye highley's farm, 26/4/14   Tue Apr 29, 2014 7:18 pm

well here we go again the start of a new season, and what a start it turned out to be! tony and dave arrived early to peg out with some of the lads being very tightly pegged along both sides of the pool, very cozy though  lol! anyway on to the draw and i was hoping for a peg next to my car save my old legs a walk. i drew peg 10 which just happened to be the peg i'd always wanted to fish at highley's, no where near the car but i was happy with the draw. i had tony kibble and new boy george for company. the only other member i could realy see was big pete and his big float! lol! whistle sounded and on we go everyone happy apart from alfie (the grump) mobbs moaning that we had started to early that old bugger's never bloddy happy  Rolling Eyes lol! 
straight away i could see both tony and peter were off to a flying start both landing some decent fish early on. it took a while for me to get going but once i'd got the fish interested it was silly fishing. a case of hit and hold. get the fishes head up straight away or loose it in the weed of which there is plenty at highley's. david preece had decided to stay in bed because of the rain  scratch Rolling Eyes the rest of us were getting sun burnt  lol! i could hear a few grumblings from george on my right as he struggled to get bites in the for tony and peter they just kept ripping the fish out. i was doing well but i could see tony was catching quicker than me a peter had run out of bread (snigger, were very sporting in this club  lol! ) i had a bad last hour landing only one carp and one brown gold fish while tony just kept on going. well time for the weigh in at the final whistle and most people seemed happy at what they had caught. i asked micky how he'd done and the answer came back "crap" and then weighed in just under 30lb  Rolling Eyes lol! john snr was first to be weighed and started with a respectable 20lb plus catch. as we went round everyone had put some decent weights on the scales then we got to big pete's peg. pete had got the biggest grin i'd ever seen on his face as he weighed in a brilliant 55lb plus bag of fish his best ever match weight , well done big guy. was it enough to win though? well no, as we weighed tony's fish the scales went round to 93lb 8 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! brilliant another club record weight for mr kibble. next my turn i thought i'd got about 40lb but the scales went round to 77lb 8oz, wow , that would have been a club record 5 minutes earlier! i hate tony kibble  lol! well done tony ( git )  lol! lol! that wasn't the end of the good weights as john cummins put over 39lbs on the scales and dave gordon 25lb and a special mention for grumpy old mobsie who caught over 18 lbs , well done alfie mate. well done to all the lads who put a record total weight on the scales 537lb.
on to the pictures and once again thanks john poole for doing a great job behind the camera.
first up the clubs bouncer in his shades john cummins looking happy  Very Happy 

next dave gordon at the scales.

stan has a job pulling that net out of the water  lol! 

next new man george pulls his fish a shore.

oh dear , neils best side!  Rolling Eyes 

stop laughing stuart it's bloody heavy!  lol! 

time for me to pull my net out, help someone  scratch lol! 

for gods sake tony smile you just beat me again (spit )  Sad Sad lol! 

the three wise men put tony's catch onto the scales  Very Happy 

part of tony's catch

neil had another good day but his dad had the last laugh beating him this time around

pete and neil on the scales

big bad micky's turn

another good bag of fish

new boy stuarts turn to pose for the camera.  Very Happy 

mark was back amongst the fish, another one beating his dad  Very Happy 

old grumpy mobbs's turn  lol! 

another one who had a good day, gordon at the scales.

pete and john break into song!!!!!!  lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! 

stuarts first club match and didn't he do well  Very Happy 

andrew kibble lost the battle of the kibble brothers this time out

the clubs spice boys john jnr and neil show off johns catch.

colins turn

well done colin mate.  Very Happy 

it's thumbs up from mr goode snr

well that it boys, what a great day. lets hope we can repeat it this saturday at fisherwick  Very Happy
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1st bye highley's farm, 26/4/14
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