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 5th bye, woods farm, flight pool 6/7/13

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PostSubject: 5th bye, woods farm, flight pool 6/7/13   Sun Jul 07, 2013 12:36 pm

well summer arrived at last at woods farm yesterday, and boy was it hot phew:D 
after arriving at hollywood coach park and unloading the gear it was a good walk along the stratford canal to the pool.colin and jon snr had arrived early and pegged out the match for us so no messing about before the draw. the fishing it has to be said was very hard going with me and tony kibble pegged next to oneanother both struggling for a single bite!scratch either side of us john cummins and big pete were catching early on though peter using the biggest controller float in the history of fishing:lol!: it seemed like most were catching plenty of bits but no lumps although it was romoured dave preece had a decent carp in his net!
below big pete concentrates on his very big float lol! 

here we find andrew the sprat catcher kibble enjoying himself in the jungle!Very Happy 

heres jolly john cummins as always with a smile on his face after a good start to the match

remember this chap? yes it's john jnr or as he's now being called lord lucan lol! 

big pete lights up again before re-luanching his bomb back out into the lake!Rolling Eyes 

another chap found out in the jungle mr horner Very Happy 

andrew snapped by john on the other side of the pool from himself

dave the body gordon helps weigh in the clubs star man mr preece Very Happy 

john snr's turn at the weigh in.

big bad micky contemplates which rig to use!

the clubs own huckleberry finn gets ready for the off Very Happy 

another member gets ready in the jungle for the off it's gordon.

smiler neil don't look to happy does he lol! 

alfie the hat mobbs looks like he's having 40 winks with a smile on his face lol! 

here's a man who changes his hat every hour dave preece lol! 

dave with his carp that turned out to be a barbel lol! daft old sod oh and notice another different hat lol! 

the clubs cool dude, will in action Very Happy 

stan didn't have the best day but like everyone else he put a few fish on the scales.

my turn to weigh in

john drags his net to the scales

jnr's turn at the scales

me in action

dave the body gordon weigh's in his second placed catch Very Happy 

tony poser kibble before the off lol! 

my old man in action.

mr poole the younger before the off.

big bad dave looks the part Very Happy 

well the fishing was hard with no big weights but at least everyone caught something with no dry nets. the weather was brilliant for a change lets just hope it's the same in 3 weeks time at the jam factory. see you their boys.
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5th bye, woods farm, flight pool 6/7/13
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