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 winter league, pool house farm

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PostSubject: winter league, pool house farm   Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:52 pm

well the aggregate matches are now out of the way and winter is on it's way and so on to our first winter match.venue was pool house farm across the road from aston (spit) villa's training ground lol. weather behaved it's self after an awful forecast we just had a couple of rain showers and plenty of sun with no wind at all so we expexted a lot, fishing wise! Rolling Eyes colin got down there early to help owner cedric peg out. the crafty old sod gave us the pegs no one esle wants! Rolling Eyes on arrival we were met by the man him self cedric. i asked him how it's been fishing reply " depends on who's been fishing it" good answer cedric lol! anyway draw out of the way and off we trundlled to our pegs. i drew permenant peg 6 and was quite happy with that, in the corner and next to neil and colin well away from alfie and big pete lol!
my peg below.

a veiw across the pool before the start and very nice it looked too.

next neil's peg to my right.

father and son getting a little bit to close for my likeing lol!

well fishing got under way and guess what ? yes it was bloody hard! owner cedric drew up in his golf buggy and started to fish and just like the rest of us caught bugger all Rolling Eyes
neil was banging out some decent roach up in the water by the lilly pads while alf fished peter's peg and peter fished alf's peg on the other sides of the lake, barmy gits! lol! lol!
then a strange thing happened alfie landed a carp of about 5 pounds!!!!!! i want him drug tested lol! lol!
well done alfie Very Happy
next that good looking chap from sheldon mr horner.

looking to my left you can see the island that big peter tried to land Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes lol! you had to see it to believe it. he hooked the island and started to drag it in, honest! lol!

and talking of big pete here we find him doing a great job as he always does weighing in his son neils bag of roach.

oh dear he's a ugly bugger ,andrew enjoying him self lol!

neil drags his catch onto dry land.

colin tells us ther's some fish in there somewhere, Very Happy

big bad john goode and his catch.

mr kibble the older puts a good weight on the scales as he always does, well done again tony

the winners turn on the scales, well done micky. another great season mate.
and as per normal neil has his ass on show! Rolling Eyes lol!

well done alfie youv'e had a great week a first and a second Very Happy

check the background looks like dave gordon has wind lol! lol!
well it wasn't the greatest match but at least weall got out in the fresh air.
thanks to cedric for making us feel welcome.
to the lads missing to today on behalf of the lads get well soon john cummins you were missed mate, dave preece get ya back sorted mate and get back on the bank we need you back with us.
and from everyone in the club get well soon joy i'm sure john and mark will see you up on your feet and back to normal real soon. thanks to all the lads today. see you all soon.
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winter league, pool house farm
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