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 2015 fur n feather

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2015 fur n feather Empty
PostSubject: 2015 fur n feather   2015 fur n feather EmptyMon Oct 05, 2015 8:27 pm

well the season has just flown past and last saturday saw the bromford boys on the bridge pool at blythe waters.
this was the last aggregate match of the year our fur n feather match  and there was still plenty to fish for. up for grabs was the aggregate sheild, the singles k.o final, the shadow league and the teams of 4, also neil went very close to micky's biggest fish of the season.
weather was dull with no wind at all.the picture finds old peg leg poole in the next peg to me .
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20053_zpsmx8hf2ru
next we find my good self in peg 9 enjoying a cuppa before the off.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20054_zpsxy6gwfqp
big jim in action not sure what neils doing in the background!  Embarassed  lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20062_zpsfevcrdeh
in the next peg to jim we find mr kibble in action.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20061_zpss0ytenov
stanley had another good day and put a good bag of silvers together on his favourite bait the humble worm.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20059_zpsb5ec0pn6
next along the bank we come to mr preece and no he is " NOT " my dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20058_zpschjsaxfs
i think dave was a model in another life! Rolling Eyes lol! lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20055_zpsmvo70och
and here's colin hewitt his day will come Very Happy
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20057_zpsbfzzijmu
is alfie asleep ? might as well have been lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20060_zpshxxxcf1p
jims turn at the scales not the biggest catch of his lifetime! lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20068_zps3xnz66tw
tony had a few in the net, well done mate.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20069_zpshzmejofn
well done mark 5th on the day and finished 2nd in the aggregate.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20080_zpsxhjj3dlo
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20075_zpsjve1ys2f
thats a big net for 1/2 an oz of fish david! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

2015 fur n feather 1111711%20076_zpsjqbvswmc
well big john had a great day beating mr poole snr in the singles k.o. final, well done john!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20082_zpsreahugw7
my turn, oh well at least i caught a couple of decent fish for a change! Rolling Eyes
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20081_zpsqgnhovhp
well done stewart had at least 1 decent fish in his net. Very Happy
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20079_zpsc9vkqxls
the beast that is micky davis was in the money again and at the end of the day he was crowned 2015 aggregate champion, well done michael. Very Happy
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20078_zpshobmmug2
neil asks colin hewitt if he needs help with all them fish ? lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20077_zpsyyzsrnau
stan drags his net of silvers the scales.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20072_zpski6zciga
grumpy alf gets his fish on the scales! Rolling Eyes lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20071_zpsjcpyhds2
oh dear john waht happened???????????????????? beat in the final of the singles Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20070_zpspbqsjfax
colin had a great day, not lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20067_zps7xrnxveq
and his catch lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20066_zpsc3jognrw
well it had to happen one day didn't it! neil wins his first aggregate match lol!  and boy did he win it. 77lb plus 50lb ahead of 2nd place well done macca Very Happy
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20065_zpsrkeqdtpq
below is just part of his catch.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20064_zpshwypbe27
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20063_zpsexzxaep6
so onto the prize giving from the back of my mobile bar! Very Happy
up first neil who likes his cider
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20086_zpsr3jwieh5
the beast wanted tea bags but had to make do with larger Rolling Eyes lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20088_zpsvvwpwrhx
does this bloke ever stop bloody poseing for the camera ? Rolling Eyes lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20087_zps41iudmm1
mr kibble trys to nick a few cans while im not looking! lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20085_zpsr3iuxsov
and this weeks arse of the week belongs to gordon chester lol!
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20089_zpsadd65bvn
talking of gordon well done mate for doing a great job on the scales along with big peter and neil all season
thanks lads.
2015 fur n feather 1111711%20084_zps1kczeume
well thats it for another year kids, once again thanks to the lot of you for your support this year.
see most of you at the winter league matches.
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2015 fur n feather
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