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 fur & feather 6/10/12

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PostSubject: fur & feather 6/10/12   fur & feather 6/10/12 EmptySat Oct 06, 2012 8:44 pm

well today saw the last of our 9 aggregate matches which was fished on the fazeley canal at bodymoor heath. on arrival all pegs looked really fishy and with the sun shining this looked like it was going to be a good match Rolling Eyes how wrong we were!
after the first hour i don't think anyone had had a bite never mind a fish! Sad Sad
dave preece had drew the golden peg and could have gone home with 110 quid in his back pocket had he won, and as it happens he was first to catch. well i say catch it had to be the smallest roach ever landed during a match scratch as the picture below shows, and yes he did catch it on a rod and line lol!
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz18
please god i thought to myself let someone else catch a real fish lol!
anyway his lead didn't last long as my dad was next to land a small perch, thank god for that lol! i then had a realy good bite but missed it Rolling Eyes oh dear i said to myself Rolling Eyes next put in i caught a roach and with 4 hours still to go i thougt i would get a bag full. wrong again i never caught bugger all else lol!
then there was some excitement as we could all see john cummings landing a decent fish which turned out to be a decent perch of 1lb 2oz as you can see below.
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz17
although john didn't know it at the time but that fish had just won him the pools money and a bottle of johny walker whiskey as his f & f prize, nice one john Very Happy
the fishing was deadful to be honest but at least the weather was good and it was nice to be out in the fresh air again. not a lot else was caught but dave gordon got bust in the last minute under the tree he was fishing, unlucky dave lol! lol! lol! lol! .
below are a few more pics of the match.
big bad john poole in action.
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz16
something has put a smile on gordons face, must be catching Wink
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz15
the beast in action and on his way to second place with a mighty 6oz , well done micky boy Very Happy
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz14
our winner in action , top man jolly john cummins Very Happy
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz9
not sure if he's awake but this is david evans on the tow path.
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz7-1
and this chap looks like he knows what he's doing it's andrew kibble. Very Happy
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz6-1
my old man looks happy knocking out a few in the first peg next to the bridge.
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz5-1
old dave gordon looks the part don't he lol!
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz8
one of many really good looking pegs, trouble was the fish didn't like em scratch lol!
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz10
big pete caught sitting down for a change, lost without his feeder Rolling Eyes lol!

fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz3
me on my way to a brilliant 1oz catch scratch
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz2
our big game hunter mr david preece in the next peg to me, well done david Very Happy
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz1-1
and last and least lol! it's alfie mobbs feeding the swans Wink
fur & feather 6/10/12 Faz
well thats this years aggregate over and done with but we now have our mini winter championship starting in two weeks time at fisherwick on the streams, see you there chaps Very Happy
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fur & feather 6/10/12
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