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 autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14

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autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Empty
PostSubject: autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14   autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 11:44 am

well the season has just flown past and what a great season it has been. the weather has been kind to us and the fishing been excellent, UNTIL YESTERDAY! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
there had been no rain throughout september but we had a months worth of rain fall on us yesterday morning. was really looking foreward to this match as the stretch had been fishing really well over the last few weeks. but what always seems to happen we our lot the tempreture dropped th skys opened and it fished rock hard.
the winning weights were 1-4-0 shared by alf and micky who was also fishing the golden peg, i was third with a huge 1-0-0 and tony 4th with 0-10-00 . it was that hard the dave gordon caught 7 fish and did not register on the scales so we gave him a dram for each fish ! oh well it was better than being stuck at home, JUST! Rolling Eyes
only 14 brave souls turned up to fish this one and one member dave preece never even set up and had to head home with back trouble. anyway here we find gordon setting up in the rain in peg 14.
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut12_zps0a4c9a14
next is poor old dave who struggled all the way to peg 13 only to drag his tackle all the way back to his car with a bad back.
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut11_zps1d859969
next we find my neigbour for the day tony kibble.
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut9_zps8e693787
a veiw from the hump back bridge looking at all our lads sitting under their mushrooms!
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut8_zps3b501dc2
colin enjoying a hot cup of tea before the off
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut7_zps1e8350bd
i think thats paul lol! dreadful picture Rolling Eyes
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut5_zps81b11471
dave gordon enjoying the rain. Wink
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut4_zps90597f43
coilin doing a rain dance!
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut3_zps5d21eff3
big pete enjoying the weather Rolling Eyes
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut_zps1bc95fb5
my biggest catch of the day! this snappy bugga has a taste for red maggots lol!
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut1_zps1413f89a
oh dear! macca looks happy in the rain, stupid boy lol!
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut13_zps30de1ae0
and last but not least jon snr never had his best day but enjoyed the day.
autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14 Cut14_zps9497588f
we still have a winter league match next week but thats it for the aggregate matches 2014 chaps. thanks to everyone for making the season so enjoyable.
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autumn challenge trophy 4/10/14
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