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 lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11

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lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 Empty
PostSubject: lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11   lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 7:42 pm

well for once we enjoyed nice weather warm, dry and no wind at all. after setting up and enjoying two of lanny's excellent bacon rolls it was time to get down to business.hopes were high after the big weights of the last match. i was pegged at the top end of the pool on the hillside. to my left although i couldn't see him behind a tree was david gordon who spent the full five hours talking to himself! i'm sure he was even having an argument with himself, daft sod Rolling Eyes lol! i was quite happy with my peg with lilly pads too my left and my right, got to be fish there! Rolling Eyes
sharing my peg was john goode the younger and on the other side of the pool i could see david evans, gordon chester,colin horner and paul davis who i was up against in the singles k.o. Rolling Eyes after feeding pellets over the edge of the lilly's i decided to leave the swim alone for half an hour and snatch some bits up in the water, managed a mighty 3 rudd all day! scratch fishing was hard for myself dave gordon and mr goode. on the other bank colin was into a good carp and after loads of encouragement from me lol! he landed a carp of about 7lb. gordon lost one and said oh dear! as did mr davis Very Happy meanwhile mr evans was putting together a nice bag of silvers. as the day went on paul davis was catching well on luncheon meat with some very big looking fish.i could see his dad was also catching well to my right. i thought to myself well done smithy youv'e buggerd ya agggregate chances today Rolling Eyes with about 20 minutes left dave gordon was into a carp and as he landed it he said well done to himself! scratch lol! 15 minutes left and i had about 1oz in the net. i could see a few carp swirling on the surface so out went the candle float and dog biscuites i was in big trouble. then with about ten mins left a huge swirl by my bait and at last i was into a carp, landed it about 5lb and as i landed it i could hear dave gordon saying well done keith or was it you lucky b*$*ard! lol! in i went again and straight away another one, i had just got my self out of jail! phew Embarassed
onto the weigh in and mr kibble had caught the biggest fish to date a lovely common of 10-02-00 and weighed in a third place weight of 18lbs. it was going to be between the davis boys. first davis the younger weighed in 27lb but he was just pipped by his old man micky with 30 lb 8oz. 4th was colin horner in the money again! Rolling Eyes lol! the fishing was hard but it's a smashing fishery and we are booked in to return again in 2012.
some one tell stan the pools in the other direction lol!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 11111111111111123
mr chester playing with his maggot! Embarassed
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 111111111111111111111111111111-2
good looking pair our scales boys, aint they! Wink lol!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 3333333333333333333333333333333333
a nice bag of fish caught by mr davis the younger!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 111111111111111111111111111111111111111
mr kibble weighs in his fish while dave gordon is seen in the background still talking to him self!!!!! lol lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 44444444444444444444444444444444
ooooooooh my back, john struggles to pull out all them big uns!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 66666666666666666666666666666666
i'm sure i caught more than that says mr goode the older! Very Happy
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 5555555555555555555555555555
stop sulking alfie there's always next time mate lol!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 77777777777777777777777777777
dave gordons fan club! ( he's going to kill me! lol! lol! )

lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 888888888888888888888888
another one sulking, cheer up maca! Very Happy
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 99999999999999999999999999
big bad alfie in action!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 212121212121212121
next the chuckle brothers, my old man and david preece they could moan for england! Wink lol!
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 1919191919191919
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 1818181818181
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 202020202020202
a smug looking paul davis knows he's knocked me out of the singles, GIT!!!!!! Wink
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 10101010101010101
it's a thumbs up from mr goode! Very Happy
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 151515151515151
mr evans ready for the weigh in
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 131313131313131
smile mark you were the only one of the poole gang to catch today! Very Happy
lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 1717171717171
at last a picture of micky davis! only taken two years lol!

lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11 16161616161
well once again we had a great day out. thanks to john poole for the great pictures. looking forward to elmbridge! Very Happy
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lanny's lagoon 4th bye 2/7/11
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