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  fazeley canal 4/6/11

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 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Empty
PostSubject: fazeley canal 4/6/11    fazeley canal 4/6/11 EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 8:00 pm

well we were promised the hottest day of the year, what we got was a near gale force wind blowing straight down the cut Rolling Eyes well after parking up and unloading the tackle dave and tony went off on their pegging duties.when back gordon jammy git chester won the £10 card draw. i drew a nice looking peg with a tree hanging a quater of the way over the cut, well pleased Very Happy
i later found out that our peggers are both dyslexic scratch pegging out in order peg 10 peg 11 peg 13 peg 12 Embarassed lol! (not that dave preece told me lol! )
anyway after blowing the whistle to start it looked like being hard work as i went half hour with out a single bite Sad after balling in a few marbled sized balls of swimstim green mixed with a little brown crumb i started to get regular bites catching about a dozen perch in the second hour of the match. i then decided to switch from maggot to bread punch and first put in i hit my first skimmer of the day Very Happy from then on i caught a staedy stream of skimmers with a couple of bonus 2lb bream. i buggered up about five rigs all tagled around the top of my pole Rolling Eyes well after five hours of dodging boats, bikes and dog walkers it was time to weigh in. i knew i had done well and there were a few reports of some decent bream being caught. well i ended up as winner with 11lb of bream and perch with micky davis 2nd with 3lb 6oz mainly made up of one good bream, big pete and john poole came = second both catching one decent bream each. there was only one dry net and that was my old man Rolling Eyes although david evans tossed a couple of tiddlers b ack so finished = last with my dad.
below tony kibble helps dave preece drag in his catch of 1dram scratch
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011014
john goode remove his pink underpants from his box!!!!!!!!!!!!! Embarassed lol!
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011013-1
theres some fish in there somewhere tony! lol
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011019

nice handbag mr cummins lol!
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011016
mr chester picking up his wallet lol!
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011017
stan the man and his bag of sprats Embarassed
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011018
mr preece talking to his fish again !
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011020-1
mr goode at the weigh in !
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011022-1
a couple of bream in the weigh sling

 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011023
the new 2011 veteran champion john poole!

 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011024
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011025
mr davis snr at at the weigh in !

 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011026
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011027
mr poole the very younger looks pleased with him self!
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011028
oh dear maca! lol
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011029
dave and stan, where did it all go wrong lads ? lol

 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011021-1
me and my bag of fish!
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Fazeieycanal4thjune2011030
 fazeley canal 4/6/11 Cut21
well the five hours flew past once again and i'm already looking forward to the next match at bonehill mill, see you all there!
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fazeley canal 4/6/11
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