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PostSubject: UPPER ARLEY, RIVER SEVERN 2/10/00   UPPER ARLEY, RIVER SEVERN 2/10/00 EmptySun Oct 03, 2010 11:27 am

well after all of the rain on friday we feared the worst but on arrival the river it seemed to be not much more than a couple of feet over normal level, excellent.
the draw made and david preece lost the smile on his face as he drew out peg 18 scratch and off he trotted two fields away lol! had a few problems as the rain had made a lot of the pegs dangerous to get down too. i took the decision to move ken smith and david evans as i deemed their pegs to be unsafe. i later found out that poor old alfie mobbs had taken a fall and broken his rod in doing so also hurting his back, not a good start.
i found myself in a swim that was only about 1 1/2 feet deep in the middle of the river with a extremely powerful current , not happy with my draw scratch anyway as i set up i could see a chap on the other bank landing a pike i could have done with that Very Happy the whistle blown i cast a two and a half oz blockend feeder stuffed with hempseed and hair rigged meat on the hook in two the current with my rod placed facing high on a rest to keep as much line as possible out of the flow. ken smith who i had moved into the peg next to me was first to catch a nice roach of a bout a 1lb.
he then lost another as i sat watching the steam trains whistle
past scratch fantastic scenery but i need some fish!
decided to get the stick float in the water. cast along the edge of the near bank and to my surprise the float dipped and i must have caught the smallest chub in the river!cast out again and again i caught this time a minnow, oh well it was bigger than the chub i'd caught Rolling Eyes by this time alf who had decided not to fish after his mishap became a bank runner relaying messages about who had caught what. seemed dave gordon had caught a few as had tony kibble. i decided to stick at the minnow bashing and must have caught about 200 of the little buggers plus a few small dace.as i blew the whistle i had a feeling this was going to be a close match.after packing up the gear off we trudged to peg 18 where we found mr preece pulling out his keep net and talking to his catch as he had given all 150 minnows in there a name, come on jonny, come on geoffry, come on eric, etc the bloke needs locking up lol! as he weighed in the scales pulled around to a mighty 15 oz which at the end of the day turned out to be a very good weight.as we marched across the field weighing everyone in it became apparent this was going to be won by a very low weight. so onto tony kibble's peg. he pulled out his net to reveal a decent chub of about 2 1/2 pounds, he'd done it again blown away the opposition with a catch of 3lb to take yet another trophy, well done tony youv'e had one hell of a season sir. this was our last aggregate match and i would like to congratulate tony kibble who has had a fantastic season , i would also like to thank each and every member for making our first season so successful, thanks everyone.
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