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 alfie mobbs memorial trophy 8/7/17, alvechurch fishery

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PostSubject: alfie mobbs memorial trophy 8/7/17, alvechurch fishery   Mon Jul 10, 2017 5:10 pm

today was a special day as we all rememberd the late alfie mobbs sadly missed by all his mates on the bank first up a picture of the old boy enjoying himself doing what he loved "FISHING"  at one of our matches a few years ago at fisherwick on the streams pool.
alf by ksmith23359, on Flickr

anyway on to the report of the days match. we start a lot closer to home. now my lots navigational skills are not brilliant to say the least! Rolling Eyes  this had to be a new low though, we had lost half of em just getting of the bromford estate and on to the tyburn road scratch . anyway we managed to find em all and off we set down the aston express way one finger salutes as we past villa park lol! following the pershore road all the way to alvechurch fishery.on arrival phil the gaffa at alvechurch likes to get you all together in the club house to explain the rules one being only 60lb of per net at which point we get the normal coments of we  won't fill all our nets with 60lb ! he's never seen our club fish Embarassed lol!
well  coments like that came back to haunt one of our daft members. Rolling Eyes
well of we trotted to our pegs after the draw.  drew peg 11 towards the top end of the island on the river side. i had big jim langston to my right and big belly colin horner to my left lol!
i was quite happy with the peg i drew to far for pole to reach so pellet feeder was the way i was going today.
i started well landing a stockie early on but then went on a run of losing fish Sad first hour only 2 in the net and 5 lost, 2 at the net. time was getting on and caught a couple more and lost a couple more!scratch decided to go up from a size 16 pellet banded hook to a 14 which seemed to do the trick and i started landing  a few. trouble was all could hear to my right was loads of splashing as mr langston landed fish after fish. he was catching carp, barbel , some good bream plus tench. he hit one big un that snapped his elastic as it made for the island.i could see the bubbles in jims swim is was like someone had tossed a full tin of alka salsa , he was putting together a bloody good weight , while to my left old big belly horner was also banging out a few good fish.from the other side of the island i could'nt see em but icould hear stuart berrows squeaky voice and none stop laughter from mark poole and tony walker. seemed every one was having a good day for a change Very Happy
in the end jim kicked our asses by putting a good mixed bag on the scales which went round 82lb plus . on the other side of the island dave gordon the dopey sod pulled his net out to find he had 74lb in one net! he knew the rules and phil the gaffa was fair about it and knocked his weight down to the 60lb limit, dave was ok about it and accepted he had broken the rules , in the end it made no difference to the result as he would have weighed in just over 80lb with his silver fish net, i think he weighed in 66lb in the end. a special mention to our elder statesman mr john poole 82 years of age and weight in 61lb well done sir. evryone caught a few fish enjoyed the day. a big thank you to the boss phil who looked after us and did  a great job on the scales, we'll be back next year for sure.
so onto the pictures.
first up we have dan constables grandad who came along as a guest. his name is morris or is it maurice  lol!  not sure lol! anyway he managed to land a lovely 9lb plus common, well done that man.
alve1 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

next we find jimbo langston plumbing up before the all in
a1 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

and here we find the beast micky davis ready to get going.
a6 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

1111711 959 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

dan constable is not as good looking as his grandad but looks cool enough in his shades.
1111711 989 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

heres the clubs cheat trying to pull 74lb of fish onto the bank! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes lol! lol! lol!
1111711 988 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

next up we find mark poole at the weigh in
1111711 985 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

1111711 983 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

tony kibble ready for the whistle to go
a3 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

stuart doing a great job helping john poole drag his 60 lb catch onto the scale well done john.
1111711 991 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

talking of mr berrow here we find stuart weighing his catch in
1111711 982 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

fellow bluenose adrian constables turn to weigh in Very Happy
1111711 981 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

the clubs tackle tart mick webster at the scales Very Happy
1111711 979 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

1111711 977 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

1111711 976 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

carol gordons turn, well done young lady Very Happy
1111711 975 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

gordon enjoying the sun
a2 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

another one of the clubs old boys, david preece enoys a well earned cuppa.
a4 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

tony walkers turn to drag his net out.
1111711 987 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

and now we find craig toal at the scales
1111711 973 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

1111711 974 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

nick lane had yet another good day , well done sir.
1111711 971 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

john goode jnr seems happy enough with his days work. Very Happy
1111711 970 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

oh do cheer up boys you all had a great day lol!
1111711 969 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

colin horner had a great day on both pole and feeder, well done mate.
1111711 968 by ksmith23359, on Flickr
next up me! the man who lost more than he caught Rolling Eyes scratch Rolling Eyes scratch
1111711 966 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

and my catch
1111711 967 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

and here he is top man on the day big bad jim langston
1111711 964 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

the clubs tiddler king john goode snr had his normal net of silvers Very Happy
1111711 962 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

oh do stop posing mr hewitt lol!
1111711 958 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

look at the silly old sods a joint age of about 400 lol! they both had a great day well done lads Very Happy
1111711 961 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

i think its love lol!
1111711 960 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

a5 by ksmith23359, on Flickr

well thats it kids, what great day on great fishery with great weather. see you all on the 22nd ready to board the coach to lower broadheath. well done all. lol!
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alfie mobbs memorial trophy 8/7/17, alvechurch fishery
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