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 alfie mobbs memorial match 2/7/16

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PostSubject: alfie mobbs memorial match 2/7/16   Sun Jul 03, 2016 12:24 pm

well today was a special day for the lads as it was the first time we have fished for alfie's trophy since we lost alfie.and to think this time last year he was happily fishing with us and still giveing me grief, the moaning old bugga! lol! we all miss ya mate r.i.p.
anyway we all arrived at blythe waters ready to do battle in the 5th match of our summer series. weather was overcast with a good wind blowing. things started badly as i drew peg 13! hate 13 broke my wrist on my 13th birthday and things have never gone right for me when iv'e had anything to do with that dreaded number and today was going to be no exception to the rule Sad
i had jim langston to my right and carol gordon to my left. i drew a peg with an island at about 30 yards to which i would be cating my pellet feeder. things started well for me i had a 6 pounder in the net after about 15 minutes, all went down hill from there though. i hit another carp not long after and i landed it , trouble was the wind blew my brolly one way and my landing net the other way and i dropped that carp back in Rolling Eyes oh happy days. in the last hour i started to get a few bites under the tree to my left and just when i thought i was going to land a few a gust of wind blew my pole section number 7 off my roost and into to the pool and it sank! brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i then spent about half an hour trying to get it back landing a a crayfish in the process Rolling Eyes i did manage to get it back in the end just when i was thinking of selling my gear and taking up golf! scratch anyway jim had a good last hour putting over 30 lb on the scales and carol on my other side catching over 20lb well done both . anyway on to the pictures. first up we find club poser jim langston.

oh do smile mr kibble lol! lol!

the beast enjoying a cuppa

here we find colin horner who landed his personal best weight of over 60lb to finish as runner up on the day, well done mate.

me and gordon on weighing duty.

gordon with the days winner mark.

jims turn on the scales

help me drag all these fish out someone !! Rolling Eyes

i think john was bored lol!

next up miss gordon pulls out her net

carol with her biggest fish of the day a carp of 9lb 13oz well done young lady Very Happy

carols brother dave with cousin gordon, bloody gordon mafia! lol!

dan had another good day with over 42lb weighed in well done sir.

i think gordons drunk lol!

mr webster looks happy with his days work, stupid boy lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

the beasts turn to weigh in Very Happy

oh here we go well done stewart Rolling Eyes the git knocked me out of the singles k.o. scratch  well done mate.
really pleased for you Rolling Eyes lol!

smug git! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

stan thought it was another silver match Rolling Eyes lol!

and so did colin lol!

winner on the day mark poole needs help from dan to lift his 65lb plus catch from the water, congrats mark Very Happy

another bloody poser, john goode the king of silver fishing Very Happy

well it turned out to be a great day for most of em, me i think the place should be filled in! lol!
well done all great days fishing as per normal, thanks john poole for the pictures and a very special well done to STEWART BLOODY BERROW, Rolling Eyes Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed lol!
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alfie mobbs memorial match 2/7/16
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