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 3rd bye barston lakes 18/6/16

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PostSubject: 3rd bye barston lakes 18/6/16   Mon Jun 20, 2016 12:56 pm

well this was the start of 3 matches in 3 weeks for the club and today we found ourselves at barston lakes near hampton in arden. the day started strangely with the god of war thor paying us a visit on the fishery carpark!!! things could only get better lol!

shock number two of the day was the fact it wasn't raining, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee Very Happy  we had a few more in the cripple draw today with mark club foot poole and mr berrow joining the ranks of knackered bodies Rolling Eyes lol! then onto the main draw i was also suffering with a bad back and the last thing i wanted was a peg at the far end of the draw . so i drew peg 16 which was a hell of a walk oh deep joy, thank you god!!!!!!!!! Crying or Very sad lol! there were carp cruising all over the lake so i decided to start on the pellet waggler with a banded pellet for bait. after half a dozen or so chucks my catapult snapped , brilliant fishing at about 50 yards out and no way of getting any bait to my float! re think time. to my right the man in red adrian was netting a decent carp first cast, well done mate. i could see he was catching reguly all day so i knew he had a good bag of fish. i went on the pole with paste as bait fishing over a bed of corn. i never had a real bite for about 2 hours but then the bream moved in and i started catching a few decent bream a lot of skimmers and the 4 smallest carp in the lake Rolling Eyes lol! in the end adrian kicked all our asses winning the match with 32lb plus dave gordon was second with 27lb , dan 3rd with 22lb, and big jim langston 4th with 21lb. well done all it fished hard but at least there were no dry nets.
below the pictures of the day taken by club camera man john poole.
first up me at the scales with dan and adrian on weighing duty

big bad adrian looks out over the lake

well it was fathers day the following day and here we find father and son adrian and dan constable.

mr happy dave gordon on the scales. Rolling Eyes  lol!

i think he wants a re-count  Rolling Eyes  lol!

miss gordon put a good few fish on the scales again, well done carol  Very Happy

another father and on combo, jim and his dad who paid him a visit.

micky webster drags em in!

nice hat gordon  lol!

mr webster managed to drag his fish out in the end! lol!

next we find our cameraman john poole on the other side of the lens. Very Happy

next johns son limp along mark  lol! hope the foots better soon mate.

here he is the man who spent five minutes fishing and over 4 hours plane spotting and watching the golfers on the 18th green in the middle of the lake lol! great to have you back with us stewart. Very Happy

micky the beast davis has his turn on the scales

next our top man david preece with the 18th green in the back ground.

stan the man weighs em in, looks like he was having a practice for next weeks silver fish match  lol!

and here we find colin hewitt aiming to win this years shaddow league but there's a long way to go yet. Very Happy

smilers turn on the scales  lol!

bob williams made his club debut and was well up withe leaders on the day.

dans turn and didn't my doubles partner do well, well done mate.

colin's turn this time without the horns and beard  lol!

mr goode looks happy and so he should he came 5th on the day  Very Happy

well thats it boys and girls, well done all see you all next week for the john cummins memorial trophy at sion farm which remember is a silver fish only match.
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3rd bye barston lakes 18/6/16
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