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 annual match, 13-08-11

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PostSubject: annual match, 13-08-11   Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:29 pm

well we arrived to at barston match lake on a very humid day ( makes a change from rain! Rolling Eyes ) for some reason they have dragged out all the lillypads from the pool which were the main fish holding spots scratch anyway on arrival dave preece and ken smith wore their hard hats to be safe from the golf balls flying about lol! anyway draw done and i was once again drawn next to dave ( talk to yourself gordon ) so ear plugs at the ready lol! i had high hopes for this match so it was strange that i was a struggle to get bites from the off scratch mr goode jnr to my right in peg 20 was catching staedy from the off as was dave to my left.
to make things worse i broke a top three section of my pole Sad not having a lot of luck with poles this year! anyway alfie was keeping us informed with the cricket score a sure sign he wasn't catching Wink lol!
fishing wasn't brilliant but you have to smile at the big bugger below lol!

after 4 hours i had a roach and a small chub in the net must have weighed at least an oz Rolling Eyes
below dave gordon shows off his socks , very apt

anyway as the match went on i had no idea how the other lads were doing as the central island stopped us seeing what was going on on the other side of the pool.
crash splash, john goode landing yet another fish Rolling Eyes what the hell am i doing wrong scratch
you can always tell when paul's avin a bad un, smile son lol!

another one's escaped from the looney home below! lol! lol! lol!

regular guest richard , mark, ken and john .p's coach below had another good day Very Happy

yes alfie we know england have beaten india, now will ya bugger off and do some bloody fishing! lol!

i see the police havn't caught all the rioters yet then!!!!!! lol!
welcome to the club andrew

i think dave must be coaching gordon in the art of grumpyness lol!

talk of the devil here is the old boy lol!

another bad day at the office neil? lol!

he's a good looking chap that mr cummins, no good at fishing but a good looking chap lol! ( i'm dead lol! )

it's been a hot , hard day but at least i beat grumpy in the next peg lol! lol!

oi,oi mr goode looks like he's been at the whisky bottle again lol!

aye up it's uncle festor lol!

mr kibble the older, or the younger ? depends on which brother you talk to lol!

this crafty old buggers got more gear than me now, that bloody richard has got a lot to answer for lol!

anyway back to the match and mark poole came out on top again , well done mr poole. it was also k.o. final day and micky davis beat his son paul to win the title well done micky hard luck paul.
you could at least smile micky! Rolling Eyes

and in the pairs k.o. myself and john poole beat big mac and colin bad luck lads Very Happy

champions!! lol! lol! lol!

another great day out, thnaks everyone and thanks john for the pics.
see you all at hoar park next month.
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PostSubject: barston   Tue Aug 16, 2011 11:00 am

I did enjoy the day, it was hard fishing i agree but the weather and the company was top notch.

made to feel very welcome, really enjoy your club atmos....

Very happy for Mark, great win, Keith and john in the pairs and Mick in the singles it was all going on.

Thanks again

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annual match, 13-08-11
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