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 october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12

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october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Empty
PostSubject: october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12   october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 EmptySun Oct 21, 2012 10:50 am

well saturday saw us fishing an open match at fisherwick on the streams pool. after checking in at the lodge so the lads could buy their pellets it was off to the pool which is a very strange shape, like a canal in most places but widens out in a couple of spots. the sun was shineing and it turned out to be a very nice autumn day. i drew peg 5 a short walk from my car. to my right i had colin horner and to my left micky (the beast ) davis. whistle blown and down to business. first hour and not a single bite! Rolling Eyes there going to kill me for booking this one i thought to myself scratch then suddenly my float dips and i'm into a monster of a perch of at least half an ounce Rolling Eyes . i then missed a couple of bites before i hit a decent skimmer of about three quaters of a pound Very Happy that was it for another hour. i decided i needed a break and went walking around the pool along with colin who was also in need of a short break. speaking to other lads close to us only dave gordon had caught a few bits, oh dear. down by the car park all the lads had dry nets Sad at the far end andrew had a decent carp in his net and john cummins had a few bits. back to my peg and i started to get a bit of interest at last. i kept missing lots of bites which was doing my head in scratch then i had a couple of decent perch and a roach but i kept missing other bites. i could see dave dave gordon starting to put a good bag of bits together and i could hear that big pete had lost a good carp ( shame lol! lol! ) and john poole was letting us know that my dad was also catching.
below we find sargent alfred mobbs doing his exercise ( keep young and beautiful , if you want to be loved lol! lol! lol! )
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012001
jolly john cummins in perch corner did well again Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012012
next our own barns wallace , should have been a member of the bouncing bomb squad! lol!
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012011
winner on the day my old man in bream corner Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012010
not mr pooles greatest day but i think he enjoyed himself.
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012009
another member pegged in no fish land mr david evans
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012008
been a long time since this bloke caught bugger all but it does happen to us all micky! scratch
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012007the winning bag, 3 bream for 6lb plus Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012017
jolly john at the weigh in with a perch of 1lb Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012016
andrew kibble with a decent carp , well done andrew on coming second Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012015
andrew k in action , the only man who needed two keepnets on the day lol!
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012014
mr poole the younger in action .
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012004
strange things do happen in fishing, tony, micky and john all blanked! scratch tony in action below
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012003
mr dave gordon pipped me for third place but i think i'll still talk to him, well done dave Very Happy
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012002
me in action, see how my head merges with the back ground, who needs hair lol!

october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012006
last but not least mr colin horner, keep telling him he'd do better without the villa coat but does he listen? Rolling Eyes lol!
october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12 Fisherwicklakes20102012005
well done all another great season nears it's end , thanks all for your support.
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october open, fisherwick , 20/10/12
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