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 hoar park 3/9/11

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PostSubject: hoar park 3/9/11   hoar park 3/9/11 EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 10:49 pm

well last saturday saw us fishing for the bromford autum challenge trophy and the rules stated that we needed two keepnets!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes tony kibble discovered he'd forgot both his nets, i think he knew what was coming! scratch on arriving at my peg i was quite pleased to see plenty of small fishing topping and being on the bottom pool i was well out of the strong wind unlike the poor buggers on the top pool lol! all in and neil to my right was in straight away catching a few roach.i started hard on the bottom with small cubes of meat but was catching bugger all. so i came up in the water and started to snatch a few roach. looking around the pool i could see dave preece bagging up , i'll say that again dave preece was bagging up! lol! alfie was following the fishery rules as normal by balling in graound bait or mashed bread as he likes to call it Rolling Eyes up on the top pool big pete was keeping us well informed as to what was going on and as tony kibble lost a big carp we all shouted jolly bad luck old chap ( then fell over laughing lol! lol! lol! ) to my left micky was into a good fish but just as he was about to land it , TWANG!!!!! again another lost fish , i would have laughed but he was far to close to me Very Happy well after a couple of hours there was a lot of bank walkers, a sure sign that things were not going well. i asked if anyone wanted to fish on for another hour to which the replies comming back were something like " no thanks old chap lol! " well to be honest most of the replies ended in OFF!!!! lol! anyway on to the weigh
in, colin weighed in first with a wonderful 2 oz and he was winning for 5 minutes scratch on the bottom pool top weight went to mark with one carp for 3 1/2 pounds. on the top pool it was not much better but at least dave gordon put 4lbs plus on the scales but winner by a mile was john poole with a brilliant 19lb which included the biggest fish of the season so far an 11lb common carp, well done john.
below john with his excellent carp
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200201-1
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200191
now i know theres some fish in there somewhere thinks me! Rolling Eyes
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200161
club bouncer pete shouts i told you lot not to laugh when tony keeps bumping off fish!
ok pete! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200051
seems like a nice boy! lol!
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200131
2oz was all he caught, well thats what you get for wearing a villa coat and a stupid hat! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200081
andrew thinks to himself "what the hell have i done joining this club! 2 ) Rolling Eyes Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200071
bagger preece sits it out in the sunshine Very Happy

hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200111
i tell you i should have won it, yeah,yeah,yeah bad luck tony! Wink lol! lol! Wink
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200041
gordon looks pleased with himself! Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200021
old stan likes having his picture taken, poseing git! Embarassed lol!
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200031
maca in the money again Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200011
mr ground bait baller him self! aka sir alfred mobbs Wink lol! lol! lol!

hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200091
nice peg mr goode Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200101
big bad micky. can't win em all mate Crying or Very sad Wink
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200141
and last pic is the pellet feeder king mr poole the younger! Very Happy
hoar park 3/9/11 Hoar20park20320092011200121
once again thanks for the pics john and see you all at bidford on avon 1st october.
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hoar park 3/9/11
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