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 alfie mobbs memorial, alvechurch, horseshoe pool

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alfie mobbs memorial, alvechurch, horseshoe pool Empty
PostSubject: alfie mobbs memorial, alvechurch, horseshoe pool   alfie mobbs memorial, alvechurch, horseshoe pool EmptySat Jul 02, 2022 6:53 pm

alfie mobbs memorial trophy. fished at alvechurch fishery, on the horseshoe pool, 2nd july 2022.
1st antony gould 80-09-00
2nd martin barnes 51-11-00
3rd john poole ( h guest)
4th jim James Langston 43-08-00
5th ada constable 42-12-00
6th neil wells 40-01-00
7th stuart berrow 32-01-00
8th peter mann 29-06-00
9th steven gould 29-02-00
10th craig toal 27-14-00
11th colin horner 27-01-00
12th kevin lane 25-11-00
13th keith smith 24-07-00
14th bob williams 23-02-00
15th tony perry 21-01-00
16th paul hanson 18-02-00
17th dan constable 17-14-00
18th mark poole 13-03-00
19th carol gordon 04-00-00
tony perry was in the golden peg
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alfie mobbs memorial, alvechurch, horseshoe pool
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