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 w & e canal 17/07/10

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w & e canal 17/07/10 Empty
PostSubject: w & e canal 17/07/10   w & e canal 17/07/10 EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 6:29 pm

well after setting off down the chester road ( almost to chester lol! ) we arrived at the stretch known as the common stretch. one look at the cut and it was decided to move to wood lane as the origional stretch looked like the english channel during the windy season! Rolling Eyes
anyway dave and tony did their usual excellenent pegging out duties. ( not easy)
i drew peg 3 so not to far to walk Very Happy as soon as i blew the whistle the wind changed, like a bloody hurricane blowing down the cut Sad
i knew it was going to be hard going but no where near as bad as it turned out Sad
the gathering of the clan Wink

w & e canal 17/07/10 1313131my dad ken smith getting ready for the off
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh16

oi dave, the canals over here! lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 121212

ken german in action under his brolly
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh15
the cooper brothers talk tactics
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh14
tony kibble rolling a joint lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh12
the secretary is bored and off for a walk scratch
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh17
dave preece looks like he's having fun lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh8
adam cooper decides sod this i'm off to the pub with 3 hours left thay ain't gonna catch me Very Happy Rolling Eyes
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh7
paul davis with a massive 4oz in the net thinks to him self job done, can no one beat me! scratch lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh6
i battle against the wind in vain Sad
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh5
raul moat look a like neil thinks if theses fish don't turn up soon i'll shoot a copper Embarassed
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh4

david evans on his way to second place

w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh3
mark laughs but little does he know paul, s 4 oz is a winning weight! god help us all lol!

w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh2
dave preece with his monster haul! Wink lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh1
hello colin Rolling Eyes lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh11
tell us how u do it i ask dave ? lol!
w & e canal 17/07/10 Wh10
it turned out to be a very hard day on the cut, sorry boys n girls Crying or Very sad
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w & e canal 17/07/10
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