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 barston match 8/10/16

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barston match 8/10/16 Empty
PostSubject: barston match 8/10/16   barston match 8/10/16 EmptySun Oct 09, 2016 5:31 pm

just to let you all know, jim langston sent an email to complain about the state of the pool  yesterday. for those not there daisy's pool was down at least 3 feet some places 4 feet. i had 18 inches infront of me all the way across the pool. nigal harry who manages barston, and fair play to him has offered us a complementry match on the main pool at no extra charge. after talking to jim i suggest we book the april open  ( none aggregate match ) as the replacement match. this means that all 14 plus david preece who paid his peg money although he couldn't make it will fish for free. again only me but i suggest we pay a fiver each for pools money which should make a good payout on the day. i will send nigal harry an email to confirm match date. anyone else wishing to fish this match will have to pay peg money on top of fiver pools money. well done jim and a big thank you to all at barston, a great gesture.
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barston match 8/10/16
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