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 first winter league match 2015/16

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first winter league match 2015/16 Empty
PostSubject: first winter league match 2015/16   first winter league match 2015/16 EmptySat Oct 24, 2015 6:35 pm

well here we go again summer has gone and don't we know it! Rolling Eyes today saw 11 brave souls fighting it out at lavender hall on the dragon pool. in all this years matches we have had no rain at all, today we had a bloody years rain fall on us in one day! Crying or Very sad well draw done at off we trudged to our pegs well some of us did some fished next to the cars they arrived in and walked all of two bloody yards! Rolling Eyes i had alfie mobbs for company on the far sid of the pool. as we set up the heavens opened and down it came . alfie on inspecting his rod bag found out he hadn't packed his brolly! oh dear said alfie well not quite in those words lol! he was to end up getting soaked through he must have been frozen five hours later, poor old sod.anyway off we went i couldn't see many of the others but i could see the lads on the other bank were struggling, shame lol! lol! lol! i was catching small stockie mirror carp from the off on maggots and paste at about 8mtrs on the pole feeding pellets and ground bait.things were going well untill the last hour and a half when the wind changed direction it went really dark and the rain got even heavier and the tempreture dropped. carp fishing just died and all i could manage were a few small skimmers god knows how many of them i bumped off Rolling Eyes on the other bank i was told darren who was fishing his first ever match with us had caught a carp of around 10lb and dropped it back in the pool before reaching his keep net! bad luck mate and i mean that as for the other 10 git well iv'e never seen em so happy! lol!
anyway in peg 8 we find mr consistant and he finished 3rd on the day mr john goode.
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0223_zpstkusv1uo
and here we find another dopey git without a brolly mr mcalinden the younger lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0226_zpsbye11kgq
2 pegs from me we find the beast getting ready to weigh in his second place net of fish.
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0233_zpsjalaus3h
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0234_zps1slmdt0v
looking across the pool from the car park side as you can see it was tropical weather out there today! Rolling Eyes
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG02381_zpskjp0vzws
the way big pete is dressed i think he thinks the sun is about to come out! sad git! lol! lol! lol! lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0239_zpswgsy4djw
stewart had a very nice bream in his net today well done mate.just wish i could understand what he's bloody well saying lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0242_zps1px0g3yr
oh dear lets move on quickly shall we Rolling Eyes lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0243_zpseugxrvbq
a bit late to be sheltering over there out of the rain mobbsey! lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0244_zpseeh43ufz
next we find the worlds most happy man dave gordon Rolling Eyes he's starting to make mr mobbs seem cheerful lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0245_zpsqxnd6oou
next we find new boy darren the carp juggler lol! well done mate. Very Happy
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0246_zps02oberlz
and here we find winner on the day jim langston who had 2 good nets one of stockie carp and another one of nice silvers, well done jim Very Happy
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0247_zpsgvwq2nmo
oh dear i forgot my selfie stick lol!
first winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0248_zpsvys7sedm
well thats the first one out of the way well done all. lets hope the weather is kinder to us in 2 weeks time at the riddings, see you all there boys.
sorry the pics are not brilliant but it was wet out there lol!
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first winter league match 2015/16
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