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 autumn challenge trophy 19/9/15

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PostSubject: autumn challenge trophy 19/9/15   Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:59 am

well this weekend we headed out into the wyre forrest to a fishery called sion farm. the mist was down and we couldn't even see the pool when we arrived but that soon lifted as the sun came out. before we started gordon spotted a bad tempered heron on top of dave preeces car which went on to crap all over john goodes car roof lol!  we named the herron alfie as it was a bad tempered buuger just like mobbsie lol! as seen below on daves car

anyway the draw was made we alwaays put the less abled bodies in the first pegs and i always put one more than needed in the draw which gives someone else a chance to fish without to much of a walk, guess who drew it? yes me Rolling Eyes the stick started flying around even before the off i drew peg 2 almost in the car park lol!
as seen below.
peg 2

what can i say lol!

anyway with jim langston not being able to make it it threw the aggregate open again so a few of us had a lot to fish for again.
below we find alfie and his moaning apprentice tony kibble talking tactics before the off.

well on the day the carp didn't want to come out and play with only about half a dozen of em being caught so it turned into a silver fish match which made a nice change. to my left stan was putting together a good double figure all roach catch taken on worm and john poole to my right banging out small skimmers every catch. i was catching steadily with mainly small skimmers and roach taken on corn, paste and red maggots.
here we find tony not had his best season by his high standards buts he alwas puts a good few fish on the scales.

big petes turn weigh in.

nice to see one of our old boys back. andrew kibble fished as a guest and kicked his brother tony arse on the day  lol!

another grumpy looking bugger mr gordon at the weigh in, it's going to be a hard choice to pick the winner of the victor meldrew trophy this year, might give it to that bloody heron  lol!

big stewart with another bag full of monsters  lol!

well done stewart mate.

this chap is having his best season for a long time mark was second on the day.

what can i say i had such big hopes for neil this year, where did it all go wrong mate  lol!

gordon thinks to him self i wish i had gone on holiday again lol!  never mind mate im sure you'll put it right at the next match.

neil trys on dad peters willy warmer which seems to amuse mr kibble  lol!  lol!  lol!

my partner in the doubles final john goode at the weigh in john your supposed to have some fish in your bloody net!  scratch  scratch  scratch  scratch  scratch  lol!

john it's not funny we got beat  Crying or Very sad  oh well we had a good run of 2 years together lets hope i draw him again next year Very Happy

yes alright mr horner i know you and micky have beat us now stop rubbing it in, stupid boy!  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  lol!

paul got off to a flyer being the first to land a carp but it all went down hill from there  Crying or Very sad  lol!

our star man mr preece once again put a good bag of fish on the scales and could yet win this years shadow league. good luck dave.

one word " GIT "  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  well done mick  Very Happy

alf needs stans help to haul out his catch  Rolling Eyes  lol!

i think it's love!  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed

stan had one of his better days  Very Happy

john poole as per normal had a good bag of fish. Very Happy

don't say a word colin i'm not talking to you!  Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad  lol!

and you can shut up as well mr kibble  lol!

john decided to get over our loss by having sex with his rod bag!  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  lol!

my arse  Rolling Eyes  lol!

yes you lot i know it's not enough to beat em in my net  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  lol!

stan pulls his big net of roach onto the bank.

well thats it for another match well done kids see you all at blythe waters in 2 weeks time.
thanks once again to john poole for taking all those great pictures.
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autumn challenge trophy 19/9/15
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