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 annual 2015, the full story!

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PostSubject: annual 2015, the full story!   Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:51 pm

well it soon comes around and this year we headed with a full coach off to our first stop royal leamington spa. we were very lucky with the weather as it poured down the day before and the day after. at lemmington we dropped off all the none fishermen and conky! lol! off they all trudged to find the best watering holes and off the coach went again. this time heading for stockton reservoir . on arriving we met up with colin horner and john goode who had made their own way there. we made the draw on the coach to save time. nula berrow drew colins and john's peg plus the golden peg which was sealed away in an envelope and tucked away in nula's handbag to be opened in the pub later. i drew peg 16 and had tony kibble and stan for i have never done any good at an annual yet and i never do any good when pegged next to tony so i knew from the start this was going to be a bloody long day! scratch anyway whistle blown and off we went. i started down the edge on maggots and was catching bits from the off. i decided after an hour to go down to an 18 hook and a  2lb bottom as i kept bumping off tiddlers on a 14 hook. rig changed and in it went . first put in and a bloody great big big carp took my bait and roared off into tony's peg before breaking my line like it was a piece of cotton Sad Sad Sad . stan kept on banging out tiddlers to my left and to my right tony's sweetcorn bait wasn't working at all Crying or Very sad . i decided to chase the carp instead of catching tiddlers as one carp could win this match which is what happened but sadly it wasn't me that caught it Sad Sad Sad Sad oh well thats fishing. at the whistle the rumours going around was that jim and colin horner had both caught a big carp each, as for the rest of us well when micky and john poole blank you know it was hard the end colin came out on top and was the only one of us to get into double figures!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes colin had beaten jim by a few ouces with mark third and john goode fourth. a special mention for colin hewitt who came 5th on the day well done mate. it was the first time colin horner had ever won a match so a big well done to colin.
below we find stuart with a big smile on his face as nula struggles along the bank with his tackle. we should all get our wifes to do that lol!

next we find mr gordon showing off his tackle as per normal lol!

and here is his sister carol who came along as a guest for the day and beat most of us! Rolling Eyes lol!

the lump setting up !

winner on the day big bad colin horner Very Happy

and in the next peg runner up jim langston well done mate.

next we find gordon who is mr consistant always seems to finish between 6th and 10th place.

and here we find stan the man in the next peg to me.

and the sweetcorn kid still has a smile on his face after a day he'd rather forget scratch lol!

john goode had another good day coming 4th on the day well done john.

shoulders back young man lol!

there's some fish in there somewher david lol! lol!

now don't laugh tony worked really hard for these monsters lol!

my turn, move on quickly Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
stans turn on the scales

and now it's gordons turn

stuart puts a few fish on the scales.

jim in the money again can anyone stop this man ? well done sir  Very Happy

colins turn to weigh in his winning catch. Very Happy

mr poole junior is having a good year 3rd this time out. Very Happy

one of our star men mr preece at the weigh in. lol!

well that was the fishing over and done with, (thank god!!!!  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  lol! ) coach reloaded and back to leamington for a few beers with the rest of the gang, Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy
must say a big thank you to the girls who sorted out the mix up with the pub booking, well done you lot. we ended up in the jug and jester a very nice weatherspoon pub in the centre of leamington.
here we find nula choosing a well earned meal after stuart made her carry all his bloody fishing tackle lol!

tracie doing the rounds taking another card around, well done young lady.

looks like john's found a new mate! Rolling Eyes lol!

in fact i think it's love! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

not addmitting to knowing these strange people lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

or this lot  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!

conky and sue with the only fish he's seen this year  lol!  lol!  lol!

how do you put up with him sue ?  lol!

those chairs are either very large or geoff and mark are midgets! lol! lol!

and the other two piss heads, looks like micks got ear ache listening to tony! lol!

feeding time!

my boss and future daughter in law

the beast out in the garden

mr evans and his gang knocking back the booze.

micky on baby sitting duty! Very Happy

dave taking a dump in the pub! stupid boy Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes lol!

geoff and mark getting very close! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

geoff pissed again!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

tracie showing off her new handcuffs!  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed  Embarassed good luck dave  lol!

cheer up dave  lol!

you tell her kel  lol!

cuckoo corner on tour!  Very Happy

there still talking then , after stuart made her carry all his tackle

jim and pete enjoying a drink  Very Happy

what can you say about this pair ? nothing so i won't  lol!

ian's turn to babysit  Very Happy

me and my lad aaron

words of wisdom from h and dave  Rolling Eyes

and it looks like they've pulled  lol!

shirley enjoying herself  Very Happy

one of the star men on the lake today mr hewitt

and together with mrs h  Very Happy

stop laughing at tony you pair he just had a bad day!  lol!

another 3 wise men  Rolling Eyes

well thats it for another year, thanks to everyone for supporting the fishing club once again, see you all next year and we'll do it all again. sorry about the odd spelling mistake but i ain't going through that lot again, thanks for the pictures john brillant as always.
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annual 2015, the full story!
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