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 dave, keith, tony and colin came too!

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PostSubject: dave, keith, tony and colin came too!   Mon May 18, 2015 8:20 pm

well myself dave gordon and tony martin hitched up my caravan on the back of my car and headed off to the leicestershire countryside. we made our way to villa farm caravan park near set up rods unpacked my self and mr gordon made our way to the sites fishing pool or should i say pond!!!!!!!!!!!! it was tiny. daves face was a picture, we are not going to catch much out of here as he shuck his head  and made his way to his peg as the rain came this time tony was already in the village necking the local ale Rolling Eyes dave started on the pole fishing maggots. he started to knock some very nice roach and perch. i could see quite a few decent carp  up in the water looking for a free lunch. time to throw em a few dog biscuits to see how hungry they were.guess what? they were very hungry ! i was into a carp of about 8lb straight away.this was my first fish of the long weekend.

dave continued to catch some lovely roach and perch while i started to catch carp one a chuck all between about 5 to 10lb Very Happy dave was looking at me in disgust as i keept on dragging out carp while he caught roach after roach ! lol! dave had enough and gave up on the maggots and tried the dog biscits. took him a while but he also started to catch carp one a chuck. it was pouring down and all the gear was soaked but we couldn't care less as we caught ghosties, comons, mirrors, leathers and even koi what a great little pool we had found and we were the only two fishing it Very Happy
another fish for mr smith! Very Happy

followed by a nice ghostie

tony arrived back about 5pm with his beer drinkers red face , he's the only bloke i know who could go away for a long weekend with nothing but but 4 cans of banks's mild in his hand lol! anyway it was time to pack up for the day and go dry out and have a hot meal in the caravan before a night out in the pub.
in wolvey there are 2 pubs right next to one another the blue pig and the bull. apart from the pubs there's a post office and thats it!we decided to try the bull first and ended up staying there all night lol! we even entered the pubs quiz, i teamed up with dave while tony found a partner who was on his own and staying on the same site as us. strangely me and dave came 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and won a free drink and even tony and his new mated limped in in 4th place, i think tony answered 1 question all  night, well done tony! lol! lol!
well after finding our way back to the caravan site in pitch black darkness it was time us 3 caravaners  to get a good nights sleep.
day 2 friday weather was a total change from thursday lovely and warm and plenty of sun. again we had the pool to our selves which was strange cuz the site was about three quaters full we wasn't moaning though. again i started up in the water on the dog biscuits while dave fished the pole and set up a pellet feeder. dave was off to a good start and catching from the off, as you can see below.

i was catching a few up in the water but dave was catching more on the feeder! Crying or Very sad lol!
then i caught my biggest of the weekend as seen below.

the fish just kept coming for dave but the surface fishing died as for some reason the carp stopped enjoying the sun shine and had vanished. i decided it was time to get the pole out and fish on the bottom on the pellet. straight away i was in to the carp again. dave was having a better day than me but my time would come tomorrow  Very Happy we was catching all sorts of carp and i have to say i have never seen so many ghost carp in one pool. a few more of our catches below.

well we had another great day but it was time for the pub again. so off we went again. we had a pint in the blue pig first this time but as it was a pound a pint more than the bull we only had the one and buggerd off over the road lol!
tony just before bed time back at the van

dave was there as well.

saturday was our last day on site me and dave were up at 7am as colin horner came to join us for the day. tony was moaning at this time because the pubs were not open for another 5 hours! Rolling Eyes
weather was cold and windy first thing but changed about 10 am the sun came out and it was another great was my turn today i was catching carp one a chuck in the margin on the pole ,fishing and feeding pellet paste. i gave colin some paste and he started to catch straight away lol! as seen below.

to my right dave enjoying the sun

tony having a kip in the van after an afternoon of watching the villa in the pub lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!
6-1 lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

well we said goodbye to colin and we finished fishing and it was last night party time lol!
off to the bull again lol!
it was a young ladies birthday as seen below, no idea who she was lol!

the gaffer was a grimsby fan and off to wembley on sunday for the play off final against bristol rovers. they lost lol!
me dave and the landlord below

tony after more than few beers lol!

the pub boss pulling me another pint. well all good things come to an end and we headed back to brum on sunday morning Crying or Very sad thanks to dave and tony for the great company all weekend and thanks to colin for popping along on saturday and i must not forget the the gang in the bull . a great time had by all, must do it again soon.
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dave, keith, tony and colin came too!
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