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 commercial master trophy , lanny's lagoon. 9/8/14

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PostSubject: commercial master trophy , lanny's lagoon. 9/8/14   Sun Aug 10, 2014 8:02 pm

well time is flying past and yesterday saw our last match of the 2014 summer at lanny's lagoon. with 4 members missing only 16 fished the match. weather was warm and overcast at times. the carp were up in the water at with lanny's allowing surface fishing it was time to band up the dog biscuits. i was lucky with the draw i had mr preece to my left and nobody to my right, i also had empty pegs across the lake which was good news as the fish spook easily at lannys. mr preece had a good day and as he's told the world beat dave gordon and many others by coming 8th on the day his best ever performence, well done david. john poole defended his vets trophy beating stan into second place on the day, great result john. neil had a smile on his face all the way home after reaching both singles and pairs finals. he beat micky in the singles and he and partner john cummins knocked out last years winners colin and tony so well done neil.also good news for myself and john snr who beat micky and john poole so we now take on neil and john c in the final at blythe it turned out i had a good day for once putting over 94lb on the scales to win the match with neil second, micky third and john poole 4th, well done all.
below we find dave gordon helping alfie out with his gear.

next we find alfie asleep on his feet by the look of him  lol! 

dave gordon moaned about not getting in enough pictures at worcester  Rolling Eyes i think he made up for it today  lol! 

tony kibble had a terrible day only coming 5th on th day  Rolling Eyes poor old tony  lol! 

star of the day david preece beat his mate dave gordon  lol! 

my turn on the scales

next we find the winning semi finalists joh.c and neil

micky had yet another good day he came 3rd on the day, well done micky. Very Happy 

oh dear colin, cheer up mate there's always next year  lol! 

smile neil you had a great day  Very Happy 

not sure what marks up to but looks like he's taking a leek in the bushes  lol! lol! 

my partner john snr put a few fish on the scales to get us through to the final, well done mate.  Very Happy 

john jnr had another good day as well

tony's turn at the scales.

stan had a very good day 6th place and second in the vets shoot out  Very Happy 

well that was lannys , well done all .see you all at blythe waters next month.
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commercial master trophy , lanny's lagoon. 9/8/14
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