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 5th bye alvechurch, horseshoe pool, 5/7/14

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PostSubject: 5th bye alvechurch, horseshoe pool, 5/7/14   Sun Jul 06, 2014 5:59 pm

well the beast was wounded last week but micky was back with a bang winning the match in the golden peg, well done mate. andrew had won the bingo so pocketed 120 before we started , jammy git  lol! 
fishing was hard but must say alvechurch fishery really looked after us well and would advise anyone to book a match with them.anyway micky kicked our asses with john snr close behind, tony 3rd and andrew 4th well done all. bellow we find mark with his best catch of the season.

10-10 till we do it again dave gorden's weight was enough for 10th place .

stuart back after a bad back had a good day

neil scrapped throuh to the singles semi final but you have to be in it to win it, good luck mate.

me keeping score may as well i couldn't catch any bloody fish!  Rolling Eyes lol! 

mr horner had a better day, well done colin.

there's some fish in there somewhere mr cummins  lol! 

stupid hat time again david  lol! 

stan the mans turn next he put a few pounds on the scales

bloody kibbles i hate em  lol!  if it's not his brother it's andrew catching every cast while i catch bugger all!

paper work time again!  Rolling Eyes 

i think johns on drugs  lol! well done mate great day over your way.

next we find tony bloody kibble so cool no need to take his jumper off while the sweat dripped out of me  Rolling Eyes 

paul couldn't match his dad micky but his day will come.

the beast at the weigh in well done micky  Very Happy 

the lads wonder how micky caught all them fish and the rest of us caught bugger all?  lol! 

tony weigh's in one or two  Rolling Eyes lol! 

anyway well done micky and all the lads another great day, thanks john for the pictures and i'll see you all at the meeting on weds prior to annual match at lower broadheath.  Very Happy
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5th bye alvechurch, horseshoe pool, 5/7/14
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