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 3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14

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3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 Empty
PostSubject: 3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14   3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 EmptyThu Jun 26, 2014 8:23 pm

well after a 6 week break we were back on the bank at last. after the last few years of fishing bonehill big weights were expected again, " WRONG " ! on arrival at my peg i could see quite a few dead carp in the margins. after walking the pool before we started i could see dead fish all around the pool. one of the guys doing the weighing in at the end of the match told us they had lost a lot of fish after a thunder storm a few weeks ago. what ever the reason something was not right!!!! i was expecting the club record to go . as it turned out the match was won once again by the king of bonehill tony kibble. tony did a great job landing a 30lb plus catch on the day, a weight before we started i wouldn't have thought wouldn't come in the top 6!! so well done mr kibble it was very hard going. micky just pipped john poole by 4oz's for second place with a modest 14-08-00 and big pete did well to come 4th with 10-08-00. as for the rest of us well lets just say we have had better days!  Rolling Eyes 
in the carpark before the match we find the texas rangers stan and colin, must be the silly hat contest time of year again !  lol! 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 2014-06-21083037_zpsd64c355f

the lads in the car park before the start of the match.

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 2014-06-21083102_zps37385742

me and my adopted dad stand gaurd while waiting for the weighing committee  Very Happy 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June_zpsc2b382e1

cheer up paul least you got a sun tan mate  lol! 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June7_zpsabd64543

man mountain big pete helps with the weighing.

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June2_zps2bc38845

now big pete is struggling with my mighty 9 and half pounds!  Rolling Eyes 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June3_zps8cc73269

mr kibble the younger has had better days as well  scratch 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June1_zps368396e0

neil pulls out his net and weighs the same weight as me which was good enough for = 5th on the day, shocking really  Rolling Eyes  but well done neil it was bloody hard going.

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June5_zpsa9676857

top man on the day tony drags his net out in the sun to be crowned winner on the day.

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June6_zpsdada256b

next it's texas ranger stans turn on the scales.

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June12_zps98b6461a

colins turn to try and make the needle on the scales move  scratch 

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June13_zps7ee2eced

not gordons greatest day either but his turn will come

3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June14_zps39e26fe9

alfie swears there's some fish in there somewhere  lol! 
3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June10_zpsc1942cf0
mark enjoyed his smoke more than his fishing  lol! 
3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June15_zpsc8322286
dave's not a bonehill fan and again things didn't go to well  Crying or Very sad 
3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June11_zpsb47938a7
alfie still looking for them fish  lol! 
3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June9_zps5478ace0
blues brother john had a few  lol! 
3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14 June8_zps4b21694b

well it's back on the bank again this weekend at the riddings lets hope things go a bit better this time round.
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3rd bye bonehill 21/6/14
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