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 presentation night part 2

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PostSubject: presentation night part 2   Tue Feb 18, 2014 10:05 pm

these are the pictures taken by sue preece.

dave and tracie twerking! not in front of the kids please you two !  lol! 

tracie is either very small or thats a very big child!  Wink Very Happy 

the gordon family on the booze!  Very Happy 

just a few of the trophies up for grabs

tracie the flower girl  Very Happy 

and all the girls together  Very Happy 

strange to see david with a pint in his hand!  Rolling Eyes Wink lol! 

does andrew ever stop drinking ?  Wink   Embarassed   lol! 

young ben just like grandad pete with his arms full of booze!  Very Happy 

i wish this lot could fish as well as they carry cans of beer  lol! 

and another one! Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Wink pissheads !  lol! 

even shaynes on the booze with his mum  Rolling Eyes 

whats going on here all the kids have arms full of booze!  lol! 

well as well as all the booze there were a few trophies presented . tony with the fur n feather trophy.

next up john snr with his trophy.

the members are getting smaller  lol! 

the boss with my trophy  Rolling Eyes 

mrs k with tony's trophy

dave's a winner  Very Happy 

well i thinks thats just about it. thanks again dave and sue for all the great photo's  Very Happy
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presentation night part 2
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