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 2nd winter league match 26/10/13

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PostSubject: 2nd winter league match 26/10/13   Sat Oct 26, 2013 6:22 pm

well the curtain came down on the 2013 season with a trip to bonehillmill in fazeley. we fished the new mill pool for the first time. expectations were high after good reports and we all know how well ashley's pool fishes.
we had 16 pegs booked but with a couple of no shows only 14 fished. the pool was split weather wise with my side of the pool stuck in a strong cross wind making pole fishing at 12 meters hard work. on the other side of the pool not a bloody ripple on the water, jammy gits! lol! 
anyway i drew peg 13 with andrew to my right and mark to my left. i missed a bite first cast and watched andrew reel in his first fish almost first cast. i then lost a small carp but thought nothing of it as i thought i would catch plenty of em throughout the day's fishing! Rolling Eyes  turned out to be a real hard day's fishing in the end with only 4 people catching more than 1 fish although there was only 1 dry net.oh well thats fishing.
below is the winner on the day dave gordon who had a great day and the only one in double figures, well done dave.

not far from dave was young stan, nice hat stan!Rolling Eyes lol! 

next we come across a creature known colin horner, never make a model mate lol! 

and here we find our new boy stuart, looks the part don't he, caught bugger all like the rest of us lol! 

john cummins looks like he's avin 40 winks lol! 

next the beast! micky in the money once again, well done micky mate.

andrew had a good first 15 minutes and a good last 15 minutes and caught sod all inbetween but still beat most of us. well done andrew.Very Happy 

my turn next, at least i got my keepnet wet this week, just! Rolling Eyes 

mark was on my left and had a hard day on the pllet feeder, 1 bite one fish.

gordon chester is a bit of a dark horse of late always there or there abouts, me thinks he could be the one to watch next year!

what ever else happens alfie is always good for a laugh, not his best day but he'll be back!Very Happy 

birthday boy tony in action, even he went bank walking today like all of us he needed a break, damned hard work it was.

daves winning catch on the day.

my turn to bank walk, watching dave catch a few.

dave in action his method of dangling a method feeder on the end of his pole worked on the day, well done dave for trying something different on the day.

well thats it boys for 2013 thanks to everyone who has supported the club over the year and i'm already looking foreward to 2014. see you all soon! Very Happy 
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2nd winter league match 26/10/13
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