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 2013 annual lower broadheath

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PostSubject: 2013 annual lower broadheath   Wed Jul 31, 2013 10:45 pm

well it was that time of year again off we went to worcester with wifes, girl friends, friends ,relatives and a few so called  fishermen:lol!: 
well after dropping all the non fishermen in worcester for the day it was off to the fishery. yours truely got ikey the coach driver stuck after missing the fishery enterence Rolling Eyes 
anyway we arrived waterside and got on with draw. all seemed pleased with their pegs even me until i turned round to see a lovely memorial to a poor lad called nathen who drowned a few years ago aged only 14 in my peg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Crying or Very sad from the off john poole was into some good fish and you could see he was in for a good day. to johns right was dave gordon who at one stage was matching john fish for fish.young will and his other half were entertaining everyone with their fish landing exploits lol! i couldn't see him but i could hear new boy tony parry splashing about landing some good fish. as for me i was keeping most members happy by loosing fish after bloody fish! and stop nicking my bloody pole ya bunch of winding up gits!lol! news was that stan in the golden peg was puttiing together a decent bag of fish was the golden peg prize about to go ?
heres mr mobbs before the off.

below we find mark on weighing in duty with neil who seems happy with his 8lb plus weight

next we have third placed john goode pulling out his net with his best ever weight over 34lb , well done john

there's no stopping our team of 4 star man mr preece into the fish once again, keep up the good work dave:D 

here's a former member and nice to see him back pulling out dads micky's net

next we find the clubs own david baily, john poole who did in fact go on to win the match with over 40lb of fish, good on ya john

this young chap is turning out to be a bit of a dark horse, well done william:D 

next to weiged in was a future member youg luke mcalinden who had a great day as the clubs guest.

young tony kibble drew the peg he really wanted but forgot to use a hook on his line and kept loosing all his fish, nice to know it was not just me lol! 

here we find gordon chester pulling out his 5th placed net with well over 30lb of fish another one who had a great day.

another poole who had his best day of the season was mark poole

mark and peter doing their normal fantastic job of weighing in, well done lads.

well it was not quite good enough stan the golden peg chester came second with 36lb plus , unlucky stan, phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost lost my beer money lol! 

next we find my old man and even he looked happy lol! 

you can tell how well i did by the happy look on my face at the end of the match Rolling Eyes lol! 

andrew never had his best day but serves him right for spending most of the match laughing at my mishaps:lol!: 

well done john on winning the match with stan second john goode third and dave gordon fourth. anyway fishing out of the way it was down to the important stuff, back to the pub via worcester to pick up the non fishermen first
heres our new boy tony parry, looks happy enough on the coach on our way back to the alma inn.

time for me to read out the days results in the alma

no idea what john's sat on lol! lol! lol! 

big pete had another good day lol! 

looks like stan enjoyed his meal Very Happy 

cheers all Very Happy 

i think petes waiting for seconds lol! 

no idea and i don't want to know what going on in neils head scratch lol! 

i'll have a pint of what ever gordon was drinking lol! 

another former member david evans and family look like their having fun Very Happy 

my lad danny and wife jo having fun

karen put my wife down you don't know where she's been lol! 

sue with "h" and wife who had a great dayout Very Happy 

oh my god it's drunks corner, i think jeff's wife is going to kill him when he gets home lol! 

the ring leaders in the middle lol! 

hello grumpy lol! 

tony with ikey our coach driver

the clubs bouncers lol! lol! lol! lol! 

glynis enjoyed the cider so much she took pictures of it!scratch Rolling Eyes lol! 

say no more!Embarassed 

carol turned up  at the pub with quasiemodo lol! lol! 

the three wise men or should i say the three drunk men lol! 

i think carol wants two drinks , well i hope thats what she's saying !!!!!!!!!!!lol! lol! lol! 

that bloody cider was good eh glynis Rolling Eyes  lol! 

mobbsie's up to something scratch 

my round again i see! Rolling Eyes 

these two always have a smile on their faces and never moan about anything!lol! lol! lol! 

back to the other side of the boozer

them chester boys had a great day out by the look of things Very Happy 

i think john dropped the camera lol! 

father and son enjoying a pint Very Happy 

will takes a break from that huge meal he tried to eat lol! 

one word.........................pissed! lol! 

i introduce my daughter in-law jo to the drunk side of the pub lol! 

it's time to head for home and tracie takes a card around the coach

dave gordon in his rain gear as endevour's luxuary coach has an onboard shower, via the sun roof lol! 

well it saved having a shower when you got home sue lol! 

well that was that ,well done all in making it another fantastic day out for the club. thanks to all the club members, thanks to all the none members for supporting the club, thanks to tracie for taking the cards round, thanks to ikey the driver, thanks john for taking all the pictures and thanks to anyone iv'e forgot to mention. brilliant day can't wiat for next year.
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2013 annual lower broadheath
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