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 bone hill 4th bye ,ashley's pool. 22/06/13

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PostSubject: bone hill 4th bye ,ashley's pool. 22/06/13   Fri Jun 28, 2013 7:18 pm

sorry this is a bit late but i have been away on my hols all week.
anyway as per normal there were plenty of fish caught at bonehill with tony kibble breaking his own club record with an excellent catch of 70lb beating me again with a mere 44lb Sad  one day kibble! lol! 
bonehill had a breakin on friday night and they made a right mess of the cafe and stole a load of gear including the fishery scales and tripod. fair play to neil jackson the gaffa helping out with they weighing in below.also you'll see young will having his first ever carp weighed in, well done young man, shame about your rod! Rolling Eyes 

below it's my turn to weigh in, nice to have two nets with some fish in them. one nets been to many for me of late lol! 

well done to my doubles partner john cummins weighing in 25lb plus to put us into the final against tony and colin, bring it on! lol! 

oh dear, don't cry big pete there's always woods farm next mate  lol! 

will takes a pic of his first carp, be plenty more to come mate Very Happy 

micky explains what went wrong. he still had a good bag of fish.

micky at the weigh in.

even big bad dave preece caught a few fish, well done david Very Happy 

mark poole had his best day of the season so far Very Happy 

mobbsey had another good day think i'll have him drug tested before woods farm lol! 

stan didn't have his best day but he aslo had a few fish. Very Happy 

dave gordon who bagged over twenty pounds of fish and was still moaning on his favourite venue (NOT) lol! 

neil had a great day with over 31lb in his nets and in the money, well done neil.

we are thinking of re-naming ashley's pool to tony's pool, the bloke is unbeatable on there, well done tony Very Happy 

thumbs up from the man who broke his own record on the day, it now stands at 70lb Very Happy 

colin looks happy enough having just found out he's in the final of the pairs, well done colin Very Happy 

my old man looks serious having just found out he'd weighed in 10lbs.

john snr not in the money this time but once again he caught a good few fish.

gordon looks like he's about to throw himself in the drink, never mind gordon woods farm will be better mate lol! 

loads of fish caught and by far the best overall weight so far this season. thanks once again to john poole for taking some great pictures. see you all at woods farm next week. Very Happy
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bone hill 4th bye ,ashley's pool. 22/06/13
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