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 3rd winter league match 23/02/2013 at packington

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PostSubject: 3rd winter league match 23/02/2013 at packington   Tue Jun 11, 2013 9:40 pm

a bit late i know but better late than never. hope you all remember that barmy hot day at packinton somers on little geary's  lol!
alf ready for a day in the sun  lol!

andrew looks nice and warm and ready for action Rolling Eyes

note the solar pannels on the island no sure that collected much power from the sun on this day  lol!

tony looking foreward to a good days worm dangling! Rolling Eyes

and the other kibble andrew before the off Very Happy

big bad john looks ready to catch some kippers lol!

it's old smiler dave gordon  lol!

does big pete ever take that hooped top off ?  scratch  lol!

neil looks happy enough, i think it was the last time he caught a fish!  Embarassed  lol!

another happy looking chappie and another daft bugger out in the cold catching bugger all :lol!:nice to see paul davis back on the bank with us.

next up the chap who always seems to draw next to me gordon chester

you'd think with all that gear old mobbsey would catch some fish......WRONG!  lol!

in the peg to my right we find big bad micky davis who managed to winkle out a carp on the day ,well done sir! Very Happy

my peg for the day, don't you just love those nice sunny looking days brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr lol!

sod all caught on the day but well done tony kibble on not only winning that match but the whole winter league, nice one!

oh dear!
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3rd winter league match 23/02/2013 at packington
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