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 2nd bye 18/05/13 at kingsbury water park

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PostSubject: 2nd bye 18/05/13 at kingsbury water park   Mon May 20, 2013 7:24 pm

well the second match of the season was fished on the causeway pool at kingsbury water park. i knew this match was going to be hard but never thought it would be half as hard as it turned out scratch things started well with dave gordon netting a double figure carp in the first ten minutes Very Happy news was filtering through that colin had also landed a big un! as for the rest of us it was turning into a bit of a mare! i said to gordon who was pegged to my right that at least will all come equal 3rd if no one else catches Rolling Eyes
as it turned out there were a few fish caught not many but some good uns. my dad had a very nice tench plus a few skimmers alfie also had a nice tench , i managed a 3lb 10oz bream, stan had a decent skimmer but apart from that just a few bits were caught Sad
along the far bank i could see some very glum faces. tony, micky and john poole were all fishless which is very,very rare and as dave preece keeps reminding them that he beeat them all with a mighty 1oz lol! well done dave no wooden spoon this year mate. at the weigh in it was dave gordon who came out on top with one fish that weighed 10-02-00 and is the clubs biggest fish to be caught this season. my dad was second with 08-10-00 and colin third with 08-00-00 and well done alfie coming third beating me by 2oz ( git! lol! ) well done alfie

below we find colin, a fine specimen of a man in his inflatable suit! lol!

a happy looking neil in action Very Happy

andrew has an awful lot of gear there to put 1oz of fish onto the scales Rolling Eyes lol!

big pete concentrates his way to a dry net, unlucky mate lol!

my old man fishing in tench corner Very Happy

alfie the other tench man in the next peg to my dad Very Happy

stan looks happy or has he just got wind ? lol!

me getting ready for a very long wait for my one fish! Rolling Eyes

gordon enjoying the sunshine Very Happy

mr poole the younger had a bad day as did his dad john but beware they'll be back fireing on all cylinders at blythe waters.

john cummins enjoying his day by the waterside. Very Happy

dave gordon in the corner peg minutes before he hit his monster carp. Very Happy

my team of 4's star man mr preece, well done davey Very Happy

tony looking a bit fed up but be warned he'll be gunning for the trophy next time out.

another man who had a bad day at the office micky davis scratch

dave gordon with his match winning carp.

alfie taking his fourth place winnings off me (git ) lol!

wasn't a great day but got to be better than being stuck in the house, see you all at blythe waters in a couple of weeks chaps. Very Happy
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2nd bye 18/05/13 at kingsbury water park
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