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 2012 annual match leigh sinton 28/07/12

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PostSubject: 2012 annual match leigh sinton 28/07/12   Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:44 am

well we had all been looking foreward to this match for a very long time. this was our first day out on a 52 seater coach. as you can see below stan was once a male model lol!

the gang gathering ready for the off on the club car park about 8am.

with the coach loaded with fishing tackle and half the residents of bromford bridge it was off to our first stop worcester . as we left the M5 i had to call john snr who was waiting in a laybye ready to follow the coach in his own car. i informed john we were only 5 minutes away and the coach was a large silver coach with purple endevour lettering all over it. anyway as we passed john's car i thought he was following us, no window in back of coach so no real idea if he was there or not! anyway he phones me 5 minutes later to say are you nearly here yet!!!!!!!!!!! he some how missed a huge silver coach passing him lol! anyway he caught us up at our first stop down by the river in worcester.this was drop off point for family and friends who had no interest in fishing and were going to spend the day in worcester. as they left the coach i detected the coach driver called ikie was having problems with the coach Rolling Eyes a few of the lads were saying they could smell diesel and ikie confirmed this!
so as we left worcester i was starting to panic as the coach started to sound very rough. anyway we made it to leigh sinton fishery and after removing all the tackle from the coach ickie decided he was taking coach back to birmingham to get it fixed (rather him than me) as he left we could see a trail of diesel leaking from underneath the coach! would we ever see the coach again ? who knows? lol!
anyway on to the fishing draw made and off we all went to our pegs.
below a few pics of the lads setting up before the off.
john jnr looks happy with his peg.

paul davis returned to the fold for the day.

in a corner peg we find david evans

nice legs stan lol!

mark poole sorting out his pellet feeder ready to nail the carp once again.

mr horner enjoying the sunshine with a carp in his net.

tony relaxing in his deck chair.

dave gordon reday to do battle in the doubles k.o.

neil looking very cool in his shades Very Happy

alfie ready to slaughter them tiny perch lol!

nice hat david lol!

talking of silly hats , Rolling Eyes nice one gordon lol!

it's the birthday boy my old man! Very Happy

john snr looking more like a city banker in them braces than a fisherman lol!

next up the quietest man in the uk, you'd never even know he was there Rolling Eyes lol!

my turn and i had another day to forget Embarassed Sad

in the peg next to me we find jolly john cummins.

well after a couple of hours we were all finding the fishing very hard with not many carp being caught and i could hear a few of the lads starting to grumble! their going to string me up if it carries on like this, i thought to my self Embarassed .
thank god in the second half of the match the carp swithced on (well for some of us Sad Crying or Very sad )
colin seen below playing a nice fish.

well the five hours flew past again and there were a few good weights around the pool.
below john poole was in the money again as he prepares to pull a good 32lb plus bag of fish in

do you need a hand puuling all them fish in alfie ? lol!

there in there somewhere john lol!

my turn, stop laughing , i put a lot of effort into catching a massive 1lb 2 oz Crying or Very sad Embarassed lol!

stop laughing mark alfie worked hard for them Wink

old john boy has a big smile on his face as he knows he's done well again Very Happy

john jnr puts a good bag of fish on the sacles.

well after all the stick stan gave me last match i have to say how gutted i am that he never won in the golden peg! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol! lol!

colins turn to trouble the scales.

dave gordon puts his fourth placed bag of fish onto the scales.

our number one man on the day tony kibble struggles to pull out 36lb plus of carp out of the water. not bad as he never had a bite for the first 3hours of the match, well done tony.

well match over a done with it was time to return to worcester to pick up family and friends then onwards to the alma tavern to down a few pints! our driver ikie did us proud and returned from birmingham with a replacement coach.

the next pictures were all taken back at the alma and looking at some of the pictures i think our camera man john poole had downed a few to many pints of banks's lol!

our new member mick! lol!

well 8pm came around far to quickly and it was time to board the coach for the homeward journey.
tracie did an excellent job taking a couple of cards around and stan did the collection for our driver.

well thats just about it for the 2012 jolly boys outing folks, is it just me or did anyone else notice that stan is in just about every picture taken! lol! lol!
thanks all for making it a great day out, already looking foreward to next years day out.
p.s. john stop taking so many bloody pictures took me hours to post em all lol!
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gordon chester

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PostSubject: Re: 2012 annual match leigh sinton 28/07/12   Sun Aug 05, 2012 11:44 pm

well done mate what a great day we had
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2012 annual match leigh sinton 28/07/12
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