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 1st bye lavender hall 28/04/12

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PostSubject: 1st bye lavender hall 28/04/12   Sat Apr 28, 2012 9:07 pm

well today was our first club match with an excellent 100% turn out from all our members. first thing i must say on behalf of all our members is that is was great to see john snr back on the bank and didn't he look well. we all know how ill he is and what he is going through at the moment and we'd all like to wish you well mate, must say he's still an ugly bugger though lol!

anyway back to the fishing. draw done and dave ( lets all have a moan about my peg ) gordon had a moan about his peg lol!
mark the pellet poole took in some spring time sunshine in his peg Rolling Eyes

up near the oak tree was a man who claims to be sponsored by the pound shop mr preece lol!

thats a nice lunch box you have there david lol!
now i have been fishing in club matches for more years than i care to remember but one thing i have always noticed is that every club has one really ugly member and here's ours, big bad pete lol!

the weather at lavenderhall today was very cold and blustery and here is my partner well wrapped up sir john poole (saved my bacon today) take a bow sir Very Happy

fishing to the right of me toady was crafty john cummins the margin king who pulled out a decent beasty out from under his feet Very Happy

well billy no fish ( " ME " ) drew the pools hot peg Rolling Eyes and ended up last catching sod all ( oh woe is me ) Sad

well here's the three wise men talking tactics before the off, lot of good it did em lol!
not strictly true, tony spent half the day in his car listening to the blues on the radio and still gave my ass a good kicking ( in a fishing sort of way lol! )

up near the oak tree was our new member mr andrew kibble ( he's the kibble who's not so good lol! ) syaing that he beat me as well Embarassed

here we have david smiler evans enjoying the sunshine!! lol!

heres neil maca been telling me all week at work how he was gonna slaughter everyone (dream on son lol! )

across the the pool from me i could see mad micky davis setting up, if this bloke says he's going to to win then let him win, you wouldn't want to upset him!!!!! lol!

talking of strange men here's alfie( no fish mobbs) who surpassed himself today and caught one! lol! lol!

winner of the the first bye today was mr paul davis with an excellent 17-12-00 which was a damn good weight on the day, well done mate (jammy git! lol! )

sad but true even this old git beat me today and even ended my interest in the singles k.o. Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

well it's a thumbs up from mr gordon must be happy with his peg lol!
under the oak tree and in the golden peg was stan the man looking happy before the off!

and there was me thinking it was only colin who owned a stupid hat, how wrong i was lol!
well done john jnr coming second today with 17lb well done son .

it's weigh in time and yes even old baldy beat me! Sad Sad Sad lol!

well it's great to be out fishing again even if it was really hard today ( for some more than others Embarassed lol! )
anyway well done paul , john jnr, john p and mark and evryone else. only one dry net (wonder who that was Sad ) lets hope the weathers better next month at hunnington, see you all there .

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1st bye lavender hall 28/04/12
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