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PostSubject: Introduction   Introduction EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 6:56 pm

Hi everyone,
Firstly let me explain a little bit about this blog and the reasons for it. I have been fishing for more years than I care to remember,and have had a bowel complaint since my childhood. This in it self is not a concern until I go fishing and with contests lasting 5 plus hours you can see that in some instances all this may cause a problem this is something that all anglers must have come up against if not a medical condition, Then theres is always the dodgy curry the night before syndrome. My intention this year is to start a facilities comments blog on the fisheries that we visit this year. While I intend to keep it rather tongue in cheek hopefully it will have its useful side, perhaps fisheries will read this and try to understand that anglers are not animals and don't need to be treated like cattle by having to find a ditch or bush or bunker( may mention more about this later ) in the vicinity. So keep looking here for on going reports and may I wish you all tight lines for the New Year
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