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 fur & feather 01-10-11

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PostSubject: fur & feather 01-10-11   Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:06 pm

well last saturday saw the last of our 9 club matches, the fur and feather at bidford on avon.we parked up on the marlcliffe baa car park in bright sunshine, summers arrived at last in october!!!!!!
below alfie all loaded up and ready to go.

looking into the river we could see it was at least 8 feet deep in the margins and the water was crystal clear, bad news. with very hot conditions a clear and slow river this was going to be a hard slog.dave and tony trudged off to peg out and by the time they come back i had grown a beard lol! it was bad news if you had picked out a peg from 12 to 18 scratch glad i pulled out number 4 Very Happy .
below one of the pegging boys dave gordon

talking of peg 18 below is mark who drew it, looks happy enough about it, stupid boy! lol!

anyway back to the fishing, i started to try and trott a stick float down the margin but with hardly any flow it was going to be hard work.i threw in a few free offerings of bait into the margin and i could see perch darting in and out of the weed taking the bait. within 5 minutes i had three perch a roach and a few minnow in the net. then the first boat past and the perch fishing died, all i could catch was minnow Rolling Eyes
below maca takes in some rays, oh pass me the sick bucket! lol! lol!

i decided to chance my arm and try to catch some bleak up in the water so i changed to a waggler which i was casting to the far bank while spraying maggots via my catapult. fishing at just my hook length's depth about 8 inches i started to catch the small silver bleak one a chuck, good news.
below it looks like colin's not the only one with a stupid hat, nice one gordon lol!

after catching about 20 or 30 bleak i started to catch lots of chublets and then got snapped off by what i can only guess was a decent sized chub, my 8 ounce hook length was no challenge to such a fish! Sad Crying or Very sad
camera shy david evans goes for a stroll along the bank.

well five hours seems to fly past and it was almost time to blow the whistle when i heard the biggest splash of the day, my old man was in the next peg to me , i dropped my rod and ran around to where he was fishing. the silly old sod had been trying to pick up his tackle and went head over heels and plunged into 8 feet of water! he was panicing as he tried to reach the bank with all the margin weed above his head. i grabbed his hand and dragged him back onto dry land Rolling Eyes i got him to take his wet shirt off and sit on his box and calm down. i'd like to thank john poole and dave gordon for the loan of a pair plastic troussers and a jacket. i can't take him anywhere without him doing impresssions of john the baptist lol!
he'll never make a male model will he! Embarassed lol!

well after sorting david walliams out it was time for the weigh in and the long walk down to mark at peg 18. on the way i was informed that some little toerags had been picking up our pegs and throwing them into the river! why???????????
below tony gets ready to put his haul onto the scales.

do you need help with that lot micky ? lol!

colins turn, should have used a jam jar mate and saved all the hassle of messing with that big net lol!

guest richard weighs in his winning catch which included a decent barbel

john shows it's not just the big un's he can catch lol!

my turn to weigh in, ooooooooooh the weight is putting such a strain on my back lol!

the gudgeon king mr gordon lol!

i knew john was getting on a bit but i didn't know he needed a wlaking stick , sorry mate lol!

well thats another one done, fishing wasn't brilliant weather was fantastic and it was a long old drive so thanks once again everyone for the supporting the club. see you all at bonehill for the open next week.
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fur & feather 01-10-11
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