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 sad news about 7 years of pictures on this site!

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PostSubject: sad news about 7 years of pictures on this site!   Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:28 pm

a bit of sad news about the clubs forum( here ) which is where i have been posting all the clubs reports and pictures for the last 7 years. the photo houseing site that i use to post all the pictures my self and john poole take have decided in their wisdom to start charging for this service, they want $59.99 per year for a service that has always been free to all for 13 years. all the pictures are still on their site but i can no longer download any pictures using this service. even sader is that if you click onto our club site you will notice that all pictures from the last 7 years have been deleted by photo bucket!. they won't beat me though. i will start again using a different photo houseing site. it will take a lot of work but i will try to salvage as many of the older pictures that i can but i can't promise to save all. again sadly it means the alfie mobbs and john cummins memorial pages have vanished. i may have to delete a lot and start again but i will. all reports are stiil on the site but all pictures gone!!!!!
oh well got work to do, sob!
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sad news about 7 years of pictures on this site!
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