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 match report highley's farm 17/04/10

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match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Empty
PostSubject: match report highley's farm 17/04/10   match report highley's farm 17/04/10 EmptySun Apr 18, 2010 8:22 pm

well we had a full turn out of twenty members for the second match of the season at highley's farm near earlswood. we all arrived nice and early for the draw which for once went smoothly!!. draw done it's off to our pegs, i drew peg 15 with big pete to my left and the much better looking marie to my right. the unlucky two in the draw were john poole and john cummins who drew either side of david preece lol! . anyway whistle blows match underway. first cast i have a small carp already beat what i caught on the fazeley cut Rolling Eyes looking around the pool all members seemed to be catching while sitting in a hot sun (what a fantastic day for april ) me on the other hand had drew the only peg in the shade and i was bloody freezing and whats more i had a cold wind blowing straight at me, oh wonderful.i could see that everyone was having fun catching plenty of small carp. marie was the first to hit a decent fish and did very well to land a nice common carp of about 5lbs. elsewhere colin was landing a nice white chicken he hooked on sweet corn lol! as the day warmed up the bigger fish came out to play. having caught about 15lb of small carp on the pole and maggot it was time to bring out the heavy artillery! armed with my trusty float rod rigged up with 6lb line, a candle float ,size 10 wide gap drennan hair rig hook, baited with a single dog biscuit. i cast close the reeds threw in a few free offerings. straight away the small carp moved onto the biscuits then from no where a large pair of lips came up from the deep and sluuuuuuuuurp! my baits gone and a decent carp dives straight down into the weeds, no way your escaping boyo!!
landed that fish and a few more decent carp throughout the day.looking around i knew the usual suspects were all catching well . dave gordon was opposite so i could see everything he was up too and i was up against him in the singles k.o. i was keeping a close eye on him.nigel seemed to be landing a few nice fish but could not be sure just how big they my right i could see the elastics of micky and tony working over time.after 6 very enjoyable hours it was time to call it a day so i blew the whistle, all out.after packing away most of our gear it was weighin time. big pete unnwrapped our brand new weigh sling. it turned out to be about six feet in length!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more like a bloody sleeping bag than a weigh sling Rolling Eyes lol! pete and mark hung it on the tripod only to find it was to big for the tripod and was dragging on the floor scratch pete decided to tie a knot in the sling and this did the job.
pete sorts out the weigh sling below
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture544
ken german looks quite happy with his catch below
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture542
i know theres some fish in there somewhere john tells pete and neil, note colin in the background showing off his newly aquired sun tanned head! lol! match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture537
not sure where neil aquired this carp from i think he mugged tony kibble for it lol!
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture552
talking of tony kibble here is the the young man himself just after weighing in , note dave gordon in the background muttering b*****d under his breath as he just finds out tony has beat him by only 1 lb Crying or Very sad Very Happy
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture551
below we have micky (crafty git) davis pulling in yet another good bag of fish, this man must be stopped by fair or foul means! lol!
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture550
about time i put in an appearance, the good looking secretary below Embarassed lol!
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture554
not so much reservoir dogs more like duck pond puppies lol!
johnny crisp, mark cooper and john poole in the dark glasses Rolling Eyes
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture558
once again young marie shows most of the lads how to fish.
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture553
bad back time for mr mobbs as he hauls out yet another monster catch Very Happy
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture557
group huddle as simon gets weighed in, oi mcalinden pull ya bloody jeans up, scruffy git! Wink
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture556
i think young paul will be sorry he sat out in the sun all day without a hat, ouch!!!!!!!! lol!
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture547
star performer mr preece the stickleback king below Wink
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture540
the gang watch a bloody big herron on the other bank keeping an eye on simons keepnet lol!
match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture543
john and mark poole demand a re-count, NO CHANCE! lol!

match report highley's farm 17/04/10 Picture541

we had a fantastic day, thanks to everyone for supporting the club so well, great turn out lads (and marie Wink )
looking foreward to the next match. check out results on the result board on this site.
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match report highley's farm 17/04/10
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