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 autumn open 8/10/16 daisy's pool at barston.

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PostSubject: autumn open 8/10/16 daisy's pool at barston.   Mon Oct 10, 2016 7:37 pm

well this was the season coming to an end for our little club. the venue was daisy's pool at barston . only a couple of our lads had fished this pool before and we had good reports from them . i for one was really looking foreward to this match. as it turned out i just wasted an awful lot of bait. the pool was between 3 and 4 feet down i had drawn peg 6 in the top corner and having plumbed all around my peg i found all i had was 18 inches of water in front of me right out to the island at about 14 metres, wonderful Rolling Eyes i was sitting on what looked like a small pebble beach with slab where my peg should been about level with my head when i sat on my box. i took the lazy option to start off by slinging a pellet feeder up against the island just as soon as i feed a few pellets to the island every bloody duck that lived at barston was in my peg! scratch because it was so shallow they ate the bloody lot every pellet that went in Crying or Very sad i was getting lots of little taps on the tip but no pull rounds i was being attacked by sprats.luckily i saved a few maggots from last weeks trip to the river. i changed tactics fishing the pole to the island going down to an 18 hook and single mqggot as bait. straight away i started catching little skimmers and tiny perch and i mean tiny!
\anyway on to the pictures.
first up we find dan who did well coming second with 12lb s thats how bad it was, dan managed to drag out a couple of carp well done mate.

bob williams had a bad day at the office note how far he is from the water!

next we find the man who won the over 65's trophy but didn't ! whoops sorry tony Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed

dave gordon had plenty of time to eat his sandwiches due to the poor fishing.

my turn it was bloody hard going for no reward Sad

nice to have john goode back with us after his hols and he did well coming 4th with just over 4lbs of tiddlers, well done john.

in peg 1 adrian finished 2nd on the day he dragged out 1 carp and a few bits  for just over 5lbs well done that man.

top man on the day micky davis the only one who had a half decent day coming 1st with over 25lbs well done the beast.

next door to micky we find new man nick who worked hard for a net of tidddlers. again well done it was very hard going.

and here we find the man in the sun glasses mick webster.

oh do smile mark your not the only one having a bad day  lol!

the  man with the smile on his face is big bad jim langston the clubs star man this year  Very Happy

jims dad came along to see how his lad was doing and soon got fed up and took his dog for a walk instead  lol!

colin horner in action. well i say action i think he was asleep to be honest  lol!

it's not my fault bob, honest!  lol!

well someones happy, mind you he's always happy  lol!

me working hard for bugga all!

meanwhile back in dans peg!

birthday boy takes a selfie, happy 81st birthday john

me again on my pebble beach  Rolling Eyes

john ( david baily's) pooles peg

as you can see mark's keepnet just about reaches the water.

weighing in time for the beast.

nicks turn on the scales he didn't need help this time  Rolling Eyes

mick webster so proud of his catch , and he still beat 5!

jim came 5th with just over 4lb!

one happy young man as he knows he's in the money!   Very Happy

oh dear my turn, they all want to get on my beach!  lol!

i came 8th with a fine catch of 2-5-0  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  lol!

dave had to go and get his arse on film!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

dave did a great job on the sacles no need for the tripod toady!  scratch

our top tiddler catcher did well again 4th with 4 and a half pound. well done mr goode.

adrians turn on the tales of the scales and beaten in to third place by his own son dan.

well he seems happy enough. Very Happy

oh do stop being so bloody cheerful dan!  lol!  lol!

well thats it for this season chaps. thanks dave  and dan for helping with the weighing, thanks john for the pictures and thanks to all the lads and young lady for all your support again this year thanks all. time for winter!!!!!!!!!! Sad  Sad  Sad  Sad
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autumn open 8/10/16 daisy's pool at barston.
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