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 2016 fur & feather 1/10/16

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PostSubject: 2016 fur & feather 1/10/16   Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:21 pm

well it soon comes around but sadly this was the clubs last aggregate match of the season. we were fishing at the b.a.a. stretch of the river anker at bolehall, tamworth. draw out of the way and myself, gordon, adrian,colin horner, dave gordon had a right old hike up the river bank. anyway we made it without any near death situations Rolling Eyes
the weather man told us to expect heavy showers on and off all day long.  well if that was a shower then i'm a bloody villa fan!!!!!!!!!!! Rolling Eyes it started 5 minutes after the whistle to start was sounded and never stopped until 5 minutes before we finished. the rain was so heavy the river level was about 2 foot higher then when we started which didn't help. anyway i drew peg lucky 13 Rolling Eyes  as you can see below.

and my veiw left and right of the river.

just up stream we find carol under her giant mushroom. it was a very hard day's fishing for our top lady angler, well she is our only lady angler to be fair lol!

dan seems happy enough in the rain, stupid boy! lol!

mick webster having a dance on the river bank, well i think thats what he's doing! lol!

jim had a few sprats which was good enough to earn  him 2nd place on the day, thats how badly it fished, well done jim. Very Happy

gordon enjoying the wet weather, he had fun early on with a pike leaping out of the water after his roach, scared the bloody life out of him ! lol!

the daftist bugga in the club colin horner, no more need be said Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes lol!

dave gordon doing the robot dance just as well he wasn't a real robot cuz he would have gone rusty! lol!

i told adrian he was on the best peg on the river, he blanked!  Embarassed oh well thats fishing  lol!

tony kibble looks like a sniper in the undergrowth! well done that man he retained the over 65's trophy or as i like to call it the old git's trophy  lol!

i think thats micky under his mushroom!  scratch

micky's winning catch which included a very nice chub well done micky, nuber 1 on the day.

well after the fishing it was prize giving time as this was the fur & feather and as micky is tea total i gave him a box of tea bags for his winning prize  lol!

jim seeems chuffed with his cans of magners

tony cider juggling!  lol!

stan had a day and a half not only were his hands full of beer cans but he also won 100 smackers on the club bingo, well done stanly Very Happy

not sure if colins got a smile on his face or he's just farted!  lol!

dan earned his drink today well done mate.

micks about to party in the car park  lol!

well done mr poole and enjoy your drink.

gordon like stan also won 100 quid on the club bingo and a few drinks to celebrate with, well done mate.

mr gordon gets stuck into the booze.

poor old john had a bit of a funny turn as he struggled carrying his tackle up hill, adrian and dan looking after  him.

i think stans in love ! lol!

and mark decides it's threesome time ! lol!

looks like micky is taking a dump! lol! lol! lol!

carols brought her camper van with her  lol!

1st and 2nd in this years aggregate jim and dave well done boys.

it's old smiler horner  lol!

didn't take dan long to start drinking  Rolling Eyes  lol!

jim getting his hands on the beer in the back of my car.

thumbs up from john the old boys feeling better.

is this old bugga in all the pics today ?  scratch  lol!

well thats it for this years aggregate well done all and thanks for supporting the club throughout the year. thanks john and mick W for helping me with the pictures today. we still have next weeks end of season bash at barston so see most of you next sat, those not attending see you at the presentation night, thanks all.
SORRY THE FISHING WAS SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!! Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
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2016 fur & feather 1/10/16
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