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 autumn challenge match 17/9/16

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PostSubject: autumn challenge match 17/9/16   Mon Sep 19, 2016 6:50 pm

well this years atumn challenge match was fished at blythe waters on the willow pool. a very strange thing happened before the draw, yes you guessed it dave gordon, stewart berrow,john and mark pool and david preece found the venue ! lol!
anyway draw out of the way and off we went to our pegs. fishing across the pool from me was colin hewitt and he was the first to land a decent fish as pictures below show.

as for me i was knocking out small perch one a chuck.

to my left we find carol gordon who was having another good day landing one very big carp.

next we find david the gnome preece fishing under a tree.

over in peg 1 mark poole was having a very good day landing carp all day.

old stan the man chester had one of his better days finishing 2nd on the day, well done stan.

next to stan we find the beast who also finished in the money, well done micky.

next up we find another of the chester clan, gordon knocking out a good few.

mark puffing away on his fag!  Rolling Eyes

mean while mr zoom lens poole catches me still catching tiddlers. scratch

carol unhooking her biggest fish of the day

and she smiles a lot more than her grumpy brother! lol!

and mark just keeps on catching. Rolling Eyes

at last i hook a good un! Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy  Very Happy

and it's in the net.

my turn on the sclaes.

time for a bit of carp juggling!  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes

stewart on weighing duty.

adrian constables turn to drag out his net.

carol looks happy with her days work.

i thinks adrians been sniffing the sherry bottle again !  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!

that'll teach ya to go for a practice a few days before mr kibble  lol!

stewart and gordon doing a grand job as always. well done lads.

new boy nick lane had a decent day as well.

here he is the clubs pin up boy or so he thinks  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol! well done james.

next we find dan who had another good day with his feeder rod Very Happy

nice pose dan, stop laughing at him tony!  lol!

dave gordon sniffing his keep net, strange bugga!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

colin horner just needs a white stick and a guide dog to go with his silly sun glasses  lol!  lol!

mr williams a lovely new seat box but not many fish!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!
well done bob mate.

stan who told everyone he'd caught bugga all needed 2 of  em to pull his keepnet out of the water!  Rolling Eyes lying old git!  lol!  lol!  lol!

micky's turn on the scales

thats fibbing old git stan again!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

crafty old bugga!  lol!

colin looking very smart for a fisherman  lol!

mr poole the olders turn to weigh em in

don't laugh at mr preece he did his best!  lol! well done david Very Happy

old peg leg poole finished second  on the day, well done mark  Very Happy

well thats another one done and dusted. well done everyone see you all on the anker next month.
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autumn challenge match 17/9/16
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