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 3rd winter league match 2015/16

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3rd winter league match 2015/16 Empty
PostSubject: 3rd winter league match 2015/16   3rd winter league match 2015/16 EmptySun Mar 27, 2016 11:16 pm

well 12 hardy souls turned up to fish at coppice lane on becketts pool . conditions were good for kite flying but little was like fishing out on the sea in gale force winds Rolling Eyes well we got to meet our 2 new members father and son dan and adrian constable. they must have been well impressed Rolling Eyes i thought i'd buggered up with 13 instead of 12 fishing and after paying the fishery boss an extra 4 quid i realised i had stewarts name down twice!! Rolling Eyes back to jamie the fishery boss to ask for the 4 quid back. things could only get better, couldn't they! well no i told colin to put 15 peg numbers in the bag when we only had 12 fishing and dave and tony pegged out 15 as well, dohhhhhhhhhhhhh. well at least the rain held off lol! after seting up i looked left onlt to see jim langstons arse eclipsing the sun lol! lol! to my right i had tony for company and stewart to my left. to say this match was hard work was an understatment.the wind made pole fishing a total waste of time and even jim through out a feeder. anyway we was'nt going to let a little bit of wind stop us scratch in the end jim made it 3 out of 3 winter match wins, can anyone stop this man winning the grand slam? tony did well to come second and gordon put over 15 lbs on the scales to come second. well done lads it was damn hard work out there in that wind.
below we find new boy adrian ready to battle the wind and did very well coming 4th just outside the pools money.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0360_zpsakqllkg5
next we find jim without his ample arse on show  lol!
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0359_zpsoqplr9sv
and here we find new member number 2 mr constable the younger who also put some weight on the scales, well done dan.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0358_zpsmlolnhtm
mr gordon had a hard day out in the wind stuggling for a few silvers.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0355_zps79z5bxgh
and his arse is no where near as big as jims  lol!
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0354_zpshkvuager
looks like it's silly hats time again eh stewart  lol!
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0353_zps4bj2riyw
and to my right we have tony kibble who was ready to go home after an hour till he started catching, well done mate.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0352_zpsdd7fujq6
well john goode had a strange day 2 fish first 2 casts then no more bite for almost 5 hours, thats fishing john  scratch
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0351_zpslo1hlamn
next we find mark who managed a couple of carp on the day well done young man.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0350_zpssy2i7sgi
gordon had one of his better days coming third well done my son.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0347_zpsr2lpgsrj
now don't laugh but this is dave gordons cath which was good enough to beta four of us  Crying or Very sad  lol!
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0366_zpstqbyi5pu
the new weighing in team gordon and stewart doing a great job, thanks lads
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0365_zpsibqhchta
here they are again at work enjoying the sunshine!  Rolling Eyes  lol!  lol!
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG0364_zpskxzz3kpd
gordon showing off his third place catch.
3rd winter league match 2015/16 IMAG03611_zpsqhnxkcpm
well it was damn hard yesterday but we all battled on to the end well done all , see you all in 2 weeks time at blythe waters and lets hope we get some sunshine for a change.
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3rd winter league match 2015/16
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