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 clubs 2015 presentation night

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PostSubject: clubs 2015 presentation night   Mon Dec 21, 2015 7:39 pm

as most of you know big bad john poole the clubs camera man lost his camera card with all the nights pictures on it. good news john has managed to retreive a few photo's ferom the big night. if your picture does not appear amongst this lot all we can say is sorry. like i said john saved a few on his camera, only 50 of em! Rolling Eyes thank god he lost the rest of em or i'd be here for a week posting em lol! only jesting john, well done mate.
first up we find mr preece and his mrs sue the buffet queen. Very Happy

next we find one of many drunken kibbles lol!

talking of drunken kibbles here's tony and glynis who did a fantastic job with the raffle along with sue.

next 3 proppa hair cuts, me my son danny and "NOT" my dad mr preece.

where ever there's a kibble there's beer  lol!

the bromford strictly come dancing team take to the floor! Rolling Eyes  lol!
is that jim langston having crafty dance in the back ground or is he rushing off to the gents? lol!

oh dear drinks starting to kick in !  lol!

come on tony, get off ya ass and have a boogie!  lol!

the dancing goes on!

old disco john's a real womans man!  lol!

there's no stopping the old bugga!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!

oh do cheer up peter you might win a trophy next year!  Wink

john never stops does he  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  lol!

the berrow's turn to be caught on film. Very Happy

looks like dave and his sister are interveiwing people!  lol!

them davis's are a right bunch of posers! lol!

say no more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

back to the dance floor  Very Happy

thats enough for me, now wheres my beer ?

come on stewart and nula get on the dace floor!

the davis clan having fun  Very Happy

tracie's drunk, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol!

dave he's at again with your mrs mate!  Rolling Eyes  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!

what can you say!  scratch

you'd never guess they were brother and sister would you !  lol!  

more of the gordon clan  Very Happy

mean while back on the dance floor!  Very Happy

what a mover mark is!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!  lol!

is there a bloody picture preecey is not in ?  Rolling Eyes  lol!

next we find the clubs own bouncers!  lol!

neil rubbing dads nose in it with his trophy!  lol!

them berrows are still not dancing!  Rolling Eyes  lol!

neil is handed his trophy from me and dave.

and with his boys  Very Happy

three good looking chaps  lol!

well thats it kids.  sorry if your picture was not included all missing pictures would have been on john's missing camera card. anyway thanks to all of ya for making it a great night, THANKS!
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clubs 2015 presentation night
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